Malaysia Career and Training Fair (MCTF), the nation’s largest and oldest career fair, has gone sustainable. With a steadfast commitment to fostering career development while addressing environmental concerns.

MCTF has long been a pioneer in the realm of career expos, and this year, it is embracing sustainability as a core principle.

With the pressing need to address global challenges, including climate change and resource depletion, the fair is aligning its efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals.

MCTF is proud to host over 100 exhibitors who are SDG-aligned. They represent a diverse array of industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, education, and more, all united by a common goal of promoting sustainable practices in the workplace and beyond.

“We are thrilled to embrace sustainability as a guiding principle for our event,” said Datuk William Ng, Organising Chairman of the Malaysia Career and Training Fair.

“By aligning with the SDGs and showcasing companies that are committed to environmental and social responsibility, we hope to inspire positive change within the workforce and contribute to a more sustainable future,” he said.

Recognising the pivotal role of career fairs in moulding the future workforce, Adam Adli, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia officiated the event.

Adam Adli, in his address, emphasised the significance of MCTF as a cornerstone in empowering youth and shaping careers.

“The shift of this year’s fair aligns seamlessly with the ongoing initiatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, reflecting a commitment that extends beyond nurturing talent to cultivating sustainable pathways for the nation’s youth,” he stated.

Furthermore, exhibitors at MCTF are not only committed to sustainable practices but have also declared their Sustainable Development Goals for talents on the lookout when choosing their future employees.

This initiative ensures that job seekers attending the fair have the opportunity to connect with employers whose values and goals align with their own, fostering meaningful career paths that contribute to a more sustainable future.

MCTF is a bi-annual event jointly organised by AIC Exhibitions, a subsidiary of Business Media International and Jobstreet Malaysia.

The Malaysia Career and Training Fair will return in September 2024.


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