• RATES: All rates quoted are on per insertion basis, and shall be paid in local currency at exchange rates determined by the Publisher. All rates are subject to local government tax and service charge.
  • FREQUENCY: HR Asia is published by volumes.
  • AGENCY COMMISSION: All bona-fide advertising agencies are entitled to 15% commission on nett.
  • DATELINES: Cut-off date for booking is 4 weeks before publication and cut-off date for materials is 2 weeks before publication.
  • PRINTING: By offset, staple bound. All inside pages are printed on art paper, with cover positions printed on art card or art paper. Weight and finishing may vary.
  • MATERIAL REQUIREMENT: HR Asia uses computer-to-plate (CTP) technology. Final artwork should be delivered in CD or DVD in any of the following formats: .ai, .idd, .pdf (preferred) saved at 300 dpi resolution. A digital proof must accompany all final artworks. Colour reproduction is on best-effort basis and the Publisher cannot be held responsible for any variation in colour.
  • PAYMENT: Cash payment upon booking is required for first-time clients. For all other clients / agencies payment is due open presentation of invoice. A delinquency charge of 2% per month will be charged on any invoice outstanding for more than 15 days from date of invoice. A 5% cash discount is allowed for payments received upon booking, for both first-time and regular clients.
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Full terms and conditions as stated on insertion order and contract apply.

For advertising enquiries, call +603 7880 3511 (direct to Media Sales Department) or email to us or email our Advertising Sales Executive