Sunday, September 25, 2022

60% of Indian professionals looking for new jobs

Almost 60 per cent of Indian professionals are looking for new jobs, according to a survey charting how people are rethinking their careers after...

India Showing Signs of Good Recovery

India was one of the nations that was hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic; an issue that was caused in no small part...

Boss Bots?

An interesting story came out of Bloomberg recently. Said report claimed that an employee who spent four years delivering packages for Amazon, as a...

India’s Staff and Families Allowed Vaccines

India is among one of the countries worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Amidst the ongoing crisis, the Indian government is now allowing private...

Infosys and Accenture India Will Be Covering Vaccination Costs for Employees

As vaccination campaigns are being rolled out globally, employers have a central role to play in the drive to persuade people to get vaccinated....

New Guidelines a Boon for India’s Businesses

Under new health guidelines, India's offices can now resume work after proper disinfection, in case Covid-19 cases are reported, without closing or sealing the...

Is India in Need of an Urban Employment Scheme?

The easing of lockdown measures witnessed in more recent months has spurred a revival in employment but, in truth, the national unemployment figures released...

India’s HR War Against Covid-19

India has consistently been one of the worst affected nations when it comes to Covid-19 month by month. The past few weeks have been...

India Among Top Four Countries With Positive Hiring Outlook

India features among the top four countries in the world projecting a positive hiring trend for the three months of the July-September 2020 period....

COVID-19 Impact on the Service Sector in India

When the COVID-19 pandemic came ashore and moves like lockdowns were being deliberated upon, the USD 180-billion IT sector faced a huge challenge for...


Modern Slavery is Unseen Because it’s Convenient

According to the latest Global Estimates of Modern Slavery, fifty million people were living in modern slavery in 2021. Of these people, 28 million...

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One in Five Young People in China is Unemployed

China’s youth unemployment rate reached a record high of 19.3%, in June this year with nearly one out of five young people being out...


9th Malaysian Shared Services and Outsourcing Week

Venue:  Malaysia Date:    13-16 June 2022 The pandemic has proved the importance of Shared Services, and the demand for Shared Services is rising. Malaysia remains...

HR Tech Festival Asia 2022