When: 22 August 2019
Where: Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Maximizing value and efficiency is a hallmark of a digital-native enterprise (DNE), and this includes workforce management. The recruitment and retention of talent have only become more challenging with the rise of gig economy and a highly-competitive culture. What are today’s latest trends and best practices for human resources?

HR Leaders 2019 brings together top HR and workforce professionals from various industries to talk about talent acquisition & succession planning, learning & development, HR tools, innovation & analytics, and talent management & leadership, and more.

Many organizations are looking for ways on developing their HR capabilities in knowledge, experience and personal characteristics. But the fact remains that such process comes with formidable complexity and ambiguity. How can both planning and execution be consistently effective? How can a company support variety of culture within the workforce and yet enable high performers to thrive as individuals? How can we impose business-focused HR/OD policies that are future-proof, yet be constantly open for change?

These are just few of the many questions that faced many organizations. And it is as crucial as getting things right that makes all the difference. Key thought leaders such as:

  • Norlida Azmi – Head of Human Resources Malaysia at HSBC,
  • Anjali Menon, Head of Talent Center of Competence–Asia and Oceania at Nestle Malaysia,
  • Fong Tuan Chen Human Resources, Director and General Affairs at Samsung Malaysia Electronics,
  • Marina Ningkan Managing Director, Malaysia at DDI,
  • Kit San, Yong Country Manager, Malaysia – Singapore at Cubiks,
  • Azlin Abdullatiff, Vice President, Culture and Engagement Desaru Coast at Desaru Development Holdings,
  • Iris Chiang Regional, Human Capital Development Director at Asia AMS Sensors Asia,
  • Dr. Loo Leap Han Group, Head of Human Resources and Administration at KMU Eiscon Holding Sdn Bhd,
  • Deddi Tedjakumara, Executive Director at Prasetya Mulya Executive Learning Institute Bhd,
  • and Senthiyl S S G, Director (Consulting) at Arbinger Singapore/Malaysia

will facilitate the executive round table discussions. To learn more about #HRLeadersMalaysia2019, please click here.


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