Responding to the growing labour market demands created by the rapid pace of globalisation, digital transformation and AI advancements, Singapore learners are demonstrating outstanding proficiency in critical future skills, according to Coursera’s latest annual Global Skills Report 2023.

The fifth edition of the report draws data from 124 million learners to benchmark more than 100 countries in three of the most in-demand skill areas driving employment in the digital economy – business, technology, and data science.

Singapore ranks 16th globally and 3rd in Asia Pacific. With over 900,000 registered learners, the country scores competitively in all three domains, solidifying its position as a global leader committed to enhancing the workforce.

In Singapore, learners are particularly interested in developing business skills like fintech, blockchain and investment management, and AI-related data science skills like computer vision and applied machine learning.

This combination of coveted digital skills is creating the foundation for Singaporean learners to make the most of the economic opportunities created by new technological advances. A recent report by Economist Impact and Google highlights that in Singapore, having advanced digital skills can give individuals significant job market leverage and potentially lead to a salary increase of over 120%.

“As Singapore learners champion the pursuit of AI skills and STEM education, they exemplify the resilience and forward-thinking spirit needed to thrive in a world driven by rapid technological shifts,” said Raghav Gupta, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Coursera.

“Disruptive technologies like Generative AI are impacting the ever-changing job landscape, emphasising the need to invest in human capital. Singapore showcases a robust synergy between industry, academia, and government to nurture the high-demand digital and human skills required to build a competitive and equitable workforce,” he added.

Key findings from Singapore

At the forefront of innovation: Singapore learners score in high percentiles for business (79%), technology (77%), and data science (79%) skills, with ‘cutting-edge’ scores across the board.

Globally, Singapore sits in the 91% percentile for overall skills proficiency, showing the country’s commitment to upskill to keep its talent pool competitive in the global job market.

AI skills growing in demand: As Generative AI and Machine Learning developments promise to reshape the global economy in unprecedented ways, Singaporeans are more likely to develop AI skills proficiency than those in other countries.

Trending AI skills among learners in Singapore include deep learning, applied machine learning, artificial neural networks, python programming and data structures.

Closing the Gender STEM Gap: Online learning can help remove barriers that have traditionally restricted how and where women learn, leading more women into in-demand careers.

This trend is helping to create a more inclusive workforce, with the share of certificate enrollments for women in Singapore increasing from 30% in 2019 to 39% in 2022. Research also showed that women learners in Singapore are well-rounded with cutting edge skill proficiency across the three domains – Business (92%), Technology (80%) and Data Science (77%).

Rising demand for industry micro-credentials for digital jobs: The report highlights a 16% YoY increase in enrolments for Professional Certificates among Singapore learners, underscoring the trend that individuals are increasingly turning to online micro-credentials to secure new jobs and advance their careers.

This year, a few of the most popular entry-level professional certificates among Singaporeans on Coursera are Google Data Analytics, Google Project Management, Google UX Design and Google Cybersecurity.



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