Thursday, October 6, 2022

How Remote Work Is Impacting Productivity: 5 Trends for Dispersed Teams

When it comes to productivity, workers share more similarities than differences, new research from talent solutions and business consulting firm Robert Half shows. A...

Is the Great Resignation Trend Ending in the US?

Despite high gas prices, rising inflation and climbing lending rates — and as The Great Resignation persists — the public's perception around the U.S....

An Untapped Catalyst For R&D And Innovation: Women In The Boardroom

Gender balance in the workplace has been a rallying cry around the world since the early 1900s, when women began campaigning for change in...

When Workers Have Enough of Bad Management

A recently released survey by employment service, Goodhire, has revealed that a staggering 82 percent of workers will consider quitting their jobs due to...

Google Delays Its Return to the Office Once More

Tech goliath Google has decided to delay its return to the office once more in light of the discovery of a new Covid-19 variant,...

Returner Anxiety

Workplaces have begun making efforts to reopen their office spaces. While some companies have embraced the idea of a partial or fully remote workforce,...

US Shoulders Virus as it Ramps Up Hiring

Despite the Covid-19 coronavirus still being a potential threat, US employers have decided to ramp up their hiring efforts, resulting in over 530,000 new...

Reshaping Company Culture

O.C. Tanner, one of the leading brands in employee recognition and workplace culture, recently released its 2022 Global Culture Report. In its fourth year,...

US cities where managers are most likely to embrace hybrid work

If you want to work from home — or negotiate a hybrid work schedule with your boss — you may want to double check...

Wave of resignation hits US workers

The “Great Resignation” is having a massive effect on the United States workforce according to a study by Gallup analytics firm. Employees are quitting...


Can Self-Employment Promote Better Cardiovascular Health for Women?

Working for yourself can offer several key perks, including greater flexibility and autonomy that might be lacking in a more traditional work structure. But...

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Japan Is Returning to Normal Border Control Measures

Effective from October 11, 2022 (JST), Japan is to resume no-visa entry for short-term stay and the quarantine restrictions and the mandatory COVID testing...


9th Malaysian Shared Services and Outsourcing Week

Venue:  Malaysia Date:    13-16 June 2022 The pandemic has proved the importance of Shared Services, and the demand for Shared Services is rising. Malaysia remains...

HR Tech Festival Asia 2022