A year on from the introduction of The Family Bond policy, Volvo Car Malaysia has moved forward and introduced equal parental leave for all the company’s employees, including those at the assembly plant.

This means that employees with at least a full year of service are entitled for a total of 24-week parental leave. During this period, they will be paid 80 per cent of their salary by default. The Policy is applicable to mothers and fathers, including adoptive parents, which can be taken at any time within their first three years of parenthood.

Speaking on her experience, Veena Menon, CRM Manager at Volvo Car Malaysia, shared: “As a mother of three children, I cannot express how thankful I am to have 24 weeks of paid parental leave when I had my newborn.”

The Family Bond policy was introduced by Volvo Cars for all its over 40,000 employees across the globe, in all plants and offices. To date, over 160 employees from all over the world have benefited from the policy.

Leading the Way
Volvo Car Malaysia is not the first to implement such generous maternity leave, with companies such as accounting firm PwC giving new mothers up to 90 days of leave, Shell Malaysia (16 weeks), Nestle (24 weeks), and Maybank (24 weeks, plus the option to add another 24 weeks of unpaid maternity leave).

Employees of other companies in Malaysia, fret not! An amendment to the Employment Act 1955 will allow for a maternity leave to extend from the current 60 days to 90 days. This will take effect beginning 1 September.


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