Whether you’re a fresh graduate who’s looking for employment opportunities, or an employee who’s seeking a new job, you would most likely wonder to whom you should submit your resume. Here’s some good news for you! Instead of spending hours and hours researching employers, you can get all the answers you need from Talentbank.

Talentbank is an award-winning company specialising in global employer branding, recruitment, market research, and education. Every year since 2018, Talentbank hosts the Graduates’ Choice Award to conduct extensive market research with Malaysian university students, aiming to find out their preferred choices of employers.

The Graduates’ Choice Award is the Most Authoritative Graduate Employer Branding Award in APAC. Being an awrd of the highest distinction, it recognizes outstanding organizations that demonstrate exceptional employer branding within Malaysian universities. The best part is that the winners are 100% voted by university students! “For the fourth year running, through the Graduates’ Choice Award, Malaysian university students have made their voices heard, weighing in on some of the most crucial criteria when it comes to finding the right organisation and job for them. Through our comprehensive and wide-reaching poll, we are able to gain invaluable insights into what undergraduates are looking for in terms of jobs helping others make wiser employment decisions too,” ⁠said Ben Ho, CEO of Talentbank.

This year, over the course of 12 months, Talentbank has engaged with over 23,000 Malaysian undergraduates from more than 100 universities nationwide to finalize the Most Preferred Graduate Employers to Work For in 2022. The number of overall winners has increased from 10 to 25, indicating the growing number of influential employers among Malaysian undergraduates!

Graduates’ Choice Award 2022 Category Winners
Graduates’ Choice Award 2022 also recognizes 48 distinctive industries across all fields, including the new categories introduced this year, namely:
• Convenience Store
• Luxury Retail
• Travel Booking App
• Fintech
• Investment Banking
• Print Technology
• Advertising
• Analytics
• Broadcasting
• Construction
• Social Media


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