Everise is a CX transformation company helping enterprises uncover growth throughout the customer lifecycle.

They have built more than just a global experience company – they’ve built a global experience platform.

Cutting-edge technology, talent, and an entrepreneurial spirit power their customer, product, home and digital experience solutions, enabling their partners to evolve to the experience-age.

The company’s AI-powered, omnichannel EXAGE platform enables remote, outsourced CX from seven strategic markets that is high-performing, scalable, secure, agile, fluent, and available to 6.3 billion customers.

Being a people-first organisation and an equal opportunity employer, Everise provides elevated and culturally informed customer experiences through a diverse and inclusive workforce.

To support the work-at-home staff, Everise has deployed leadership development training, focused on effectively managing a remote workforce, along with other virtual learning courses. In addition, the company has desktop tools to ensure its remote workforce continues to collaborate and communicate with each other.

CSR is more important now than ever as the world navigates its way through a new normal. Change is inevitable, and this is a watershed moment. Everise’s CSR efforts are focused on their people and the communities they operate in, which fortunately they are in a position to do so.

An economy-shaking event like COVID-19 will fundamentally shift how many consumers and working behaviors. Over the long term, working from home will become the new normal, making the optimal outsourcing strategy of the future, one that is globally distributed and blended between work-at-home and brick-and-mortar, made of fulltime employees.

Through all this, employee retention has stayed high and their people continue to grow – hiring over 30 percent to their global workforce through employee referrals.

As an equal opportunity employer, Everise has become a leader in recruiting and celebrating a diverse workforce, including more than 1 percent people-with-disabilities and 7 percent mature age.

Globally, the company has a strong ethnic diversity, and their efforts to improve gender diversity have also paid off.

Everise continues to raise the bar when it comes to their people’s wellbeing and happiness.


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