Looking to earn extra income for Malaysians has just become easier with the launch of DuitDo-it. Working like the dating app Tinder, job seekers can apply for part-time and contract or freelance work with just one swipe. DuitDo-it is developed and owned by recruitment agency AP Symphony Search, as part of their CSR efforts to help Malaysians earn more while meeting the needs of employers nationwide who need part-time, contract or freelance staff desperately. The agency said in a statement today that with the big pool of Malaysians like unemployed youths, school leavers, students, retirees and stay-at-home mothers available, companies can now fill their temporary manpower gap easily. This should help reduce the country’s high reliance on foreign labour which is causing a huge outflow of funds, it said.

DuitDo-it is Malaysia’s job matching mobile app platform for casual, part time and contract workers. DuitDo-it’s team has been helping people get permanent jobs since 2011. But there is a gap for people who want to earn some money but are not tied to a full-time job. Similarly, companies always need help when staff go on medical/emergency/ maternity leave, sabbatical or just for that interim period until the new staff joins. DuitDo-it allows people to search for jobs anytime, anywhere and apply with just one swipe. For companies, DuitDo-it operates on a pay-for-what-you-see concept. Companies post their jobs for free and only pay a small amount on successful hire.


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