Panasonic will introduce optional four-day work weeks to help employees achieve better work-life balance. During the company’s sustainability management briefing, president and group CEO Yuki Kusumi told investors that introducing a four-day work week will mean the company can “flexibly accommodate diverse situations of our employees”. “We must support the wellbeing of each employee at Panasonic to enhance our competitiveness … Panasonic has approximately 240,000 employees globally with diverse personalities and capabilities. Our responsibility is to strike an ideal balance between the work style and lifestyle for our diverse human capital,” she said.

Kusumi also said Panasonic will introduce a work-from-home system that will enable it to retain employees whose partners may have been transferred to another location. She added Panasonic will revise its appraisal system, and promotion and screening system, which the company believes will better support challenges faced by individuals in both their work and home life.


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