PageUp, a leading multinational Talent Management Software-as-a-Service provider, is revolutionising the way SMEs in Singapore manage their HR processes, with the launch of PageUp Express – a move set to level the playing field in the battle for top talent.

Designed for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with 500 to 1500 employees, PageUp’s new offering will give SMEs easy access to world-class recruitment, onboarding, learning, performance management and succession management tools, as well as workforce management, payroll and core HR services. Growing businesses will be able to use one cloud-based system to hire the best people, efficiently manage the entire employee lifecycle, develop employees and reduce the high cost of turnover and attrition.

Where previously SMEs had to rely on separate and disconnected services from smaller providers or pay a premium to access complex HR systems designed for larger organisations, PageUp Express is fit-for-purpose for SMEs. It is easily configurable and flexibly priced to accommodate business requirements and the size of the employee base. Additionally, the product has built-in self-service functionalities, with standard 24/7 support and a range of self-education tools all designed to help SMEs facilitate continued business growth.

Karen Cariss, CEO & Co-Founder of PageUp, said the launch of PageUp Express will ensure Singapore’s critical SME market has what it takes to sustain high-growth. “Singapore’s SME community provides the backbone for the nation’s economy – it comprises 99% of the nation’s businesses, employs two-thirds of its workforce, and accounts for about half of its GDP. Many of these companies rely on people and technology in order to scale for growth in a cost-effective way. But as employee numbers increase, fast-growing companies can often find their existing HR technology cannot keep pace. In fact, as the ability to attract, engage and retain the best people suffers, HR can actually become an inhibitor to growth,” Ms Cariss said.

“There is a strong demand from the SME community for a best-of-breed HR solution that is flexible enough to rapidly adapt to the needs of fast-growing businesses, without boxing them into the complex setups required by larger enterprises. PageUp Express provides an agile technology platform that will enable Singapore’s SMEs to pivot and adapt as their workforce grows, without compromising on service delivery,” she said.

Independent tax and advisory firm, Grant Thornton, which has 1200 employees is already seeing the benefits of PageUp Express after a positive and rapid implementation experience in 2017. “We chose PageUp because the product can be adapted to meet the changing needs of our agile work environment and because of their commitment to quality service delivery. We found the implementation process detailed, well-informed and importantly it was delivered on time and to budget,” Veronica Phung, National Talent Manager at Grant Thornton said.

“We are looking forward to seeing how we can leverage and configure this platform in the future as we grow our firm,” she said.

Key features:
• Recruitment, onboarding, learning, performance and succession management services, as well as rostering, time and attendance, core HR and payroll in a single solution
• Cutting-edge social, mobile and cloud-based technology, backed by a global team with 20 years of HR experience
• Rapid implementation – guaranteed to be up and running within a week;
• Access to 24/7 phone and email support, and
• Easy integration with an extensive marketplace of best-of-breed technology partners.


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