Coastal Hectare Sdn. Bhd. through its brand of (“”), today launched two new products that aim at further streamlining human resource (HR) work processes for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The first product is Claims and Reimbursement System that allows submissions and approvals of employee expense claims and reimbursements to be done electronically. The second product is Premium HRIS which is a new module that lets users easily upload and download HR-related electronic documents and for HR managers to keep track of changes in employee profile information. Both products are offered individually (ala carte) and also in cost-effective bundled packages with other products such as payroll.

Claims and Reimbursement System: With the new system, employees can submit their expense claims by logging on to using a web browser on a desktop or a mobile device. This new module makes it easier for employees with a smartphone to use their phone’s camera to take a photo of a receipt and then upload it to start a claim process. Manager will be notified via email whenever there is a new claim submitted, and, they can view the claim and approve it online even using their smartphone.

Premium HRIS: A new module to allow company HR to upload documents including HR policy, employee handbook and employee documents such as copies of identification cards and education certificates. In addition, the Premium HRIS module also provides company HR with an audit trail where they can identify any changes to employee data such as their profiles that could affect their “Potongan Cukai Bulanan” (PCB) and keep track of salary or title changes.

With the new online tools to handle claims and reimbursements as well as HR documents, SMEs can reduce reliance on papers. Moreover, they can also save time and be efficient at processing claims and managing HR documents when they access the mobile friendly systems using a web browser on a smartphone or a tablet such as when they work remotely.

Source: Media Release


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