Colony, a lavish coworking space and serviced office located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, has unveiled a prototype for its future luxury office suites. The office suite called the Jamestown Suite is the first of its kind and comes fully equipped with a fully stocked mini bar, lounge set, flat screen TV and a personal Butler service.

Taking a step further in disrupting the typical coworking space and serviced office suites, the office is also equipped with Google Home that acts as your personal assistant giving you information from your schedule for the day, to turning on the lights or opening the curtains in the room.

“One thing all coworking spaces and serviced offices share in common is that we spend a lot on common areas but the offices themselves where our guests spend the most time are generally basic with just a simple table and chair. At Colony we care a lot about our guest experience and that includes the experience they have in their own offices. So we’re pioneering this new concept which we believe will eventually become the standard of the industry.” — Timothy Tiah, Founder of Colony.

The 215 square feet Jamestown Suite is built for one person and goes for RM10,000 a month making it the most expensive office in Malaysia at RM46.5 per square foot, over 3 times the highest rentals in KL. The company is also looking to pioneer the concept of “workcation” in renting the room for RM300 a day.

Nitaya Pirinyuang, General Manager of Colony added “There’s a price war going on right now in the coworking space industry as more and more spaces that look the same enter the market. Our unique offering and premium market has allowed us to raise rates in the past year and we’re constantly looking at ways to increase the value we provide our guests which correspond to higher rates.”

Colony expects to build more of these super luxury suites in its future locations. It is expected to open its 3rd location by the end of this year at Q Sentral in KL Sentral. The Company has disclosed RM20 million in funds raised to build spaces since it’s inception.


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