Researchers from Bradley University in Illinois had identified the effective methods of giving negative feedback to millenials in the workplace.

In the study done in 2015, it is found that millennials take feedback better if they perceive them as beneficial, now or in the future. Feedbacks therefore would be worded with individualism in mind, rather than collectivistic ideals. This is further strengthened when millennials, in another study, are found to be self -oriented and value competency over moral values. Feedbacks given also need to be consistent and on-going to be effective.

Managers must be assertive enough to deliver the feedback and make employees understand the concern, but sensitive to the fact that millennials have difficulty accepting such feedback.

These findings also suggest the need to revise managerial practices to further understand this growing workforce that is expected to replace the retiring baby-boomers in a few years. Furthermore, while trying to accommodate them, there is also the need to describe how millennials respond to current management styles.

Thus, managers to effectively direct and motivate this generation of worker, need to learn how to provide constructive negative feedback.


Giving negative feedback to Millennials : How can managers criticize the “most praised” generation.  – Emylee Anderson , Aaron A. Buchko , Kathleen J. Buchko, Management Research Review 2016 39:6 , 692-705




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