Malaysian candidates looking for work are least likely to consider job roles overseas as compared to candidates in some other key Asian countries/regions, according to new research from recruitment experts Hays. The latest Hays web poll, carried out in Malaysia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore asked candidates, “Are you currently looking at job opportunities overseas?”

Singapore leads the way with 86 per cent of survey participants confirming they were currently looking at overseas opportunities at the time of responding to our web poll, while only three per cent were not. Another 11 per cent were not actively looking but would be open to a move if the right international role came along.

Respondents in Mainland China were close behind with 85 per cent currently considering overseas roles in their job hunt while another 12 per cent would be open to a move for the right job. Only three per cent were not looking at jobs overseas.
Respondents in Japan are also keener to make an overseas move than those in Malaysia with 76 per cent actively looking for a job outside the country at the time of our poll. Another 14 per cent would be open to a move overseas if the right opportunity came along while ten per cent were not looking overseas for work.

Hong Kong’s respondents came in second to be the least likely to move overseas to further their careers with 74 per cent of job hunters casting their net internationally at the time of the survey. Another six per cent of active job hunters said overseas roles were not of interest, while 20 per cent would be open to moving outside the territory if the right role presented itself.

All these results contrasted with Malaysia where only 68 per cent of respondents were looking for work overseas at the time of our poll. Another six per cent told us they were confining their job search just to Malaysia while 26 per cent would be open to an opportunity overseas if told about a suitable role. “The results are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, professionals in Malaysia appear more interested in carving out their career at home, which is good news for employers,” says Tom Osborne, Managing Director of Hays Malaysia. “Malaysia is a truly international country and a great place to make your mark no matter where you are from. However, for ambitious professionals on the move, the goal should be career progression and that could mean considering a move internationally if it means securing a role that offers significant career progression,” says Tom.

“The recruitment market in Asia today is a lot more fluid and international in flavour with greater movement of top talent between key cities / countries / regions. By adding the international job market to the mix, career-savvy candidates in Malaysia actively looking for a role can also better evaluate locally based jobs in terms of the experience, salary and benefits an employer is offering.” “Candidates moving overseas for a few years could also find themselves back home before long but with more valuable experience under their belt enabling them to secure a more senior role,” adds Tom. The web poll was conducted between June and September 2018.

Source: Hays