In Malaysia, 50 per cent of respondents of a recent survey are not afraid to resign from their jobs if it prevents them from enjoying their personal life. This is most significant among millennials aged between 25 and 34 years old, with 55 per cent sharing the same sentiment. This observation came from Randstad’s H2 2022 Workmonitor survey in Malaysia.

One in three respondents had actually resigned from their jobs before because of inflexibility, with this sentiment being the most prevalent among Millennials (37 per cent).

Similarly, at least eight in 10 respondents saying that it is important that they have flexibility in terms of working hours (89 per cent) and location (86 per cent).

In elaborating the importance of work flexibility, Randstad explained that 43 per cent said they will not accept a job if the company does not offer them the option to work remotely. Close to half (47 per cent) of respondents said that they would not accept a job if they are unable to choose when they want to work.

Fahad Naeem, Head of Operations at Randstad Malaysia said, “Millennials are the drivers of change in the world of work today. They are changing the meaning and purpose of work, as well as the role of the employer for the other generations as well. Instead of living in the shadows of their jobs, they want to have the flexibility and freedom to enjoy life outside of work. There is also a much greater focus on mental health and work-life balance among the workforce, and fewer people are willing to sacrifice their time and health for work.”

Naeem added, “Employers that continue to offer work flexibility to their workforce are more capable of attracting and retaining talent who value autonomy in today’s candidate-short market.”

“It is also a very desirable option to employees as they get to save commuting time and cost, and focus better in an environment where there are fewer distractions.”

The latest 2022 Randstad Workmonitor study involved 750 locally based respondents who are employed and aged between 18 and 67 years old in Malaysia.


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