Adelene Foo, Managing Director of Grab Malaysia (second from left), Datuk Seri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed, Group Chief Executive Officer of PERKESO (third from left) with a Grab driver and delivery partner.

Grab Malaysia announces the extension of its partnership with PERKESO, subsidising self-contributions made by all Ultimate partners, Grab’s top-performing driver- and delivery-partners through SPS Padanan Caruman.

This effort aligns with Grab’s ongoing commitment to provide flexible earning opportunities while safeguarding partners’ welfare.

As part of this partnership, Ultimate partners will receive a full subsidy covering an entire year’s contribution to SPS Padanan Caruman, borne by the government and Grab Malaysia.

In addition, qualified partners who have already signed up and made contributions thus far will also be reimbursed up to the subsidised amount.

To encourage even more partners to sign up, Grab will leverage its platform and relevant channels to drive further awareness and education among driver- and delivery-partners countrywide.

Through this partnership extension as well as previous efforts to increase awareness, Grab sees a 60% increase in active partners signing up to the programme.

“This continued collaboration with PERKESO further underscores our commitment to empower Malaysians with accessible and flexible opportunities to earn while still ensuring their welfare is protected,” said Adelene Foo, Managing Director of Grab Malaysia.

“Together, we are able to strengthen social protection measures and provide lifelong upskilling opportunities to ensure our partners thrive in the evolving economy. Our focus on their sustainability encompasses comprehensive digital inclusion, seamless access to opportunities, fair earnings, robust social protection, and continuous upskilling,” she added.

Foo further explain, “Our Ultimate partners consistently uphold the needs of Malaysians before theirs, and we want to go above and beyond to offer them and their families peace of mind by securing their welfare, providing them free insurance, enabling contributions to social security schemes, and implementing safety initiatives.”

“We are pleased to continue this partnership with Grab Malaysia and applaud their efforts to have their partners’ interest at the forefront of their business. Currently, only 770,143 self-employed individuals in the country have registered for the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme,” said Dato’ Sri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed, Group Chief Executive Officer, PERKESO.

“Out of that, a total of 222,049 are those from passenger transportation and goods or food transport self-employed sectors. Through the collaboration with Grab, PERKESO not only aims to increase social security coverage to Grab partners and their family, but also raise awareness on prevention, safety, and health at work. We must transform Gig Work to Decent Work”, he said.

SPS Padanan Caruman is a contribution financing where self-employed individuals will only have to bear 20% of contributions. By signing up, driver- and delivery-partners gain social protection which includes medical care, rehabilitation, vocational training, and cash benefits for dependents in case of injury.

If a partner is unable to work due to disability, the program will also cover all costs and will provide alternative income options. Dependents can also receive loans and education support in the event of the self-employed person’s death or disability.

More protection and relevant benefits

As part of its comprehensive well-being programme, GrabBenefits, Grab led the way by providing FREE work-related accident insurance protection for partners across Southeast Asia since it first started, securing their safety and economic resilience.

Today, almost 6000 Grab partners have completed upskilling courses, including digital and financial literacy via GrabAcademy, which is under the banner of GrabBenefits.

Through these strategic upskilling initiatives, Grab partners are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to adapt, innovate, and succeed in an ever-evolving economy.

“We believe that continuous learning is essential for our partners’ growth. Through GrabAcademy, we equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the digital age,” Foo said.

She concluded, “We will also actively promote PERKESO’s Kerjaya Madani program to encourage partners to upskill themselves. By embracing this opportunity, partners can enhance their skills and broaden their career prospects.”


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