Developments in data, machine learning, predictive analytics and digital technology have resulted in a transformation of the recruitment model with a fundamental change in the way organisations access and recruit much needed talent according to recruiting experts Hays plc.

In a new report launched by Hays earlier this month, ‘Recruitment Remodelled’ examines the evolution of the recruitment industry where the traditional human-centric skills of matching candidates with organisations are now working hand-in-hand with data science, machine learning, predictive analytics and other digital tools and technologies.
The traditional approach to recruitment – defined by Hays as ‘Advertise & Apply’ – has relied upon organisations promoting their vacancies across multiple channels to solicit applications from jobseekers. This long-established model is no longer enough in today’s digital world as it is primarily directed at the active, rather than the passive, jobseeker community. In addition, the ease at which candidates can respond to online job advertisements has led to an unwieldy process with high volumes of responses being received, many of which prove to be unsuitable for the role.

A new recruitment model has been developed and deployed by Hays – defined as ‘Find & Engage’ – that combines the best practice recruitment techniques and established candidate relationships with the new opportunities presented by digital technology, data science and machine learning. This approach is designed to maximise the likelihood of organisations finding the best talent by enabling them to search beyond those active jobseekers, and reach deep into a much wider pool of passive candidates.

Richard Eardley, Hays Asia Managing Director, says, “The recruitment and staffing industry has evolved extensively during the 29 years I have been with Hays. The way organisations recruit is changing rapidly and fundamentally. The digital world and our new ‘Find & Engage’ model is putting the relationship between a recruiter and a candidate back at the heart of recruitment. Utilising the latest digital technology, data science and machine learning, it is transforming the recruitment world by offering employers a new, multi-dimensional way to identify, connect and attract the highest-quality candidates, including a wide spectrum of individuals not known to be actively looking to change jobs.

Source: Hays


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