LinkedIn has introduced some new features designed to help recruiters find the right candidates as quickly and as easily as possible. The first is an update to the Recommended Matches feature that now displays more relevant and real-time candidate recommendations.

What this means is that the next time you search in LinkedIn Recruiter, the immediate recommended matches are the most qualified and interested based on your hiring activity. These candidates are also more likely to respond to InMails by 35 per cent than those found in Recruiter search itself. According to LinkedIn, recruiters who use both Recommended Matches and Recruiter search are finding more interested and qualified candidates, expanding their talent pools by 10 per cent.

LinkedIn Recruiter now also focus more on skills; thus, recruiters can search and filter for candidates that best match their needs. Candidates may even detail how they developed those skills for context, giving possible employers more information regarding the person.

Another convenient feature added to LinkedIn is the ability to view messages and organize the inbox by projects, or even status. This is a big help particularly for HR in larger companies or external recruiters which deal with many potential candidates at the same time.

These additions are timely, looking at how many companies are hiring again. LinkedIn reports that they’re seeing an 11 per cent increase in global demand for recruiters compared to the May 2020 low point.


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