Hays, the leading recruiting expert, has launched a free online training portal designed to help employers and teams in Malaysia grow the skills they need to function effectively and thrive in the current working environment.

Available to businesses of all sizes, Hays Thrive offers three course areas covering remote working, wellbeing and health and safety. The remote working courses are designed to help improve worker efficiency when remote working and assist with planning their working days and working with a remote team. The courses are designed to be completed as part of a busy schedule, with a learning management system included to help employers assign training, track team completions and create personalised training programmes.

Tom Osborne, Managing Director of Hays Malaysia, commented: “While Malaysia is easing its lockdown measures, the process of businesses resuming normal operations will be a gradual one. We know that many organisations have been facing a period of unprecedented change and apart from mastering remote working and managing remote teams, they also need to ensure their employees are sufficiently equipped to handle new ways of working for the foreseeable future. By offering online training courses for free, we hope to help businesses find these new ways of working and empower their workers to continue excelling through the crisis and after.”


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