Malaysia continues to report strong economic growth off the back of a high performing manufacturing and operations industry which is hungry for talent. Already the number of available jobs is eclipsing the supply of qualified candidates and with Malaysia continuing to attract new manufacturing operations, the talent market is set to tighten further now and for the rest of 2017.

Official figures show Malaysia’s GDP reached 5.6 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2017 representing a growth rate of 1.8 per cent – the highest result in two years – and further growth is forecast for this and upcoming quarters. Factory output, the value of manufacturing sales and the number of jobs in the manufacturing and operations industry are all up as well.

“Most key economic indicators show we have already enjoyed a strong year in Malaysia with a forecast for further GDP growth this quarter,” says Tom Osborne, Regional Director of Hays in Malaysia.

“Several significant and well established manufacturers have announced expansions recently and we are continuing to see new entrants setting up manufacturing operations here as well,” says Tom.

“The only downside of all this good news is that the number of available jobs is growing much faster than the available candidate pool,” he says.

“We have seen some job roles remain unfilled for as long as a year as employers only want the best talent to maintain high standards of quality.”

“Competition to secure the best candidates will only intensify this quarter and employers will need to ensure they are pulling out all the stops to promote their employer brand and remain competitive with their offers including the potential for candidates to train and develop.”

Other key observations provided by Tom include:

1. Employers are hungry for skilled managers for medical, FMCG and chemical roles as qualified candidates remain in short supply.

2. Design engineers and design managers with at least five years experience for jobs in the semi conductor sector are in hot demand.

3. Organisations entering Malaysia’s manufacturing industry for the first time are creating plenty of new roles for those with experience in green field/brown field projects, CAPEX/OPEX, program management, technical and regulatory affairs such as safety, health and environment.

4. Senior health, safety and environment roles, candidates are red hot but must display confidence, strong communication skills and superior interpersonal skills. The job requires mastering difficult conversations and effective negotiations about work practices, new regulations and compliance issues with a range of stakeholders including senior executives.

5. For most manufacturing and operations roles, hands-on experience is essential. Candidates that have spent the majority of their career in one sector such as food or chemicals are strongly favoured as they are viewed as having the potential to move up in the organisation.

6. Employers are increasingly using internal programs to train, develop andpromote existing high potential candidates including international placements that provide exposure to different systems and standards for technology projects.

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Source: Media Release


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