PageUp, a leading multinational Talent Management Software-as-aService provider, is set to make learning highly contagious for the modern workforce following the launch of its Everyday Learning App today.

The app comes in response to changes in the way people are learning and consuming content in the digital age, enabling employees to easily capture informal, micro-learning and on-demand content from the web and share it with their peers. The PageUp Everyday Learning App breathes new life into traditional learning and development (L&D) programs by fostering a self-directed and collaborative learning culture that encourages employees to drive their own learning, anywhere, anytime.

Dayne Nash, Chief Product Officer at PageUp, said “the rise of the millennial workforce, changing demographics, and advancements in technology has increased the impetus for HR and L&D professionals to give way to informal methods of delivering learning and make it available when and where employees want it.” “We’re currently experiencing a revolution in learning that’s long overdue. The rapid pace of change in the workforce is calling for continual learning, unlearning and relearning of skills and relying purely on formal training sessions and standardised course-based learning is no longer enough,”

Mr Nash continued. “While formal workplace learning methods still have their place, for learning to stick in the digital age, it must be whenever, wherever, simple, social and spontaneous. Employees are already consuming and digesting information outside of work through mobile technology and we’re seeing that cross over into the workforce as they share their learnings with their peers.” “The PageUp Everyday Learning App makes it possible for employers and managers to harness and track the network effect of highly shareable micro-learning content, such as online videos, articles and blogs. Learning and development as we once knew it has the potential to gain traction organisation wide, and go viral. Employers stand to reap the benefits of higher engagement, retention and productivity,”

Mr Nash explained. Research shows at least 80 per cent of work-related skills are learned on the job or informally1 , but only one in five organisations spends even 10 per cent of its L&D budget on informal learning methods2 , suggesting organisations have some catching up to do.

PageUp’s Everyday Learning App is designed to help employees take ownership of their learning journeys, in conjunction with formal organisation-led training, and helps businesses deliver a continuous, every day learning experience. Through a simple and easy to use interface, employees can seamlessly access information on-demand, on any device, store it, and selectively share it with peers across the organisation. All of the learning content captured and shared via the app is visible for managers to see and report on, giving them a more complete picture of the learning consumed by their team.

Source: Media Release


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