Dr Geil Browning’s New Book Shows How Embracing Cognitive Diversity Can Positively Improve Workplace Culture
Author and co-creator of Emergenetics Profile Dr. Geil Browning introduces seven workplace culture principles in her new book, Work That Works: Emergineering a Positive Organizational Culture, to help leaders build better teams and establish a positive workplace culture. It is her second published work that shows organizations how to apply the principle of Emergenetics to better communicate with their employees and to honour the thinking and behavioural preferences of others in order to have an exceedingly positive workplace culture.

Based on the tools and best practices of Emergenetics, a psychometric thinking and behavioral workplace assessment, these time-tested set of principlesare the culmination of over 25 years of research, data, and experience from the author’s work with her clients as well as from her own growth.

According to Dr. Browning, cognitive diversity is a given whenever a group of people work together towards a common goal; the critical factor is whether those differences become an obstacle or a catalyst. By bringing each person’s “true self” to light, it provides a window through visible elements of diversity and shine a light on their gifts—and it’s only then that those gifts can be leveraged to their utmost capacity.

“As a leader, it’s your job to harness your organization’s most valuable, least quantifiable asset—its human capital,” Dr. Geil Browning said. “Ultimately, when people are happy in their jobs and believe their input contributes to the greater good of the company, the corporate culture becomes a key driver of business results!”
Research shows that workplace culture affects everything from employee happiness to the company’s business performance. It reflects on the people who work at the company, and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes. All cultures promote some forms of behavior, but having a strong workplace culture will positively affect a company’s performance.

Work That Works provides a blueprint for the transformation, and the practical guidance leaders need to build a better organization. It outlines a process of discovery, effective communication, using thoughtful language, addressing challenges and instituting long-term behavioural change. By honouring the Preferences and Attributes of all employees, leaders will learn how to lay the groundwork for enhanced performance and engagement.


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