China created 3.03 million new jobs in the first three months, accomplishing about one quarter of the yearly employment goal of 12 million, data from the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources showed on Tuesday. The urban jobless rate in the first quarter was 5.3 percent, a decline of 0.3 percentage points from the same period last year, the ministry said. The ministry vowed to continue to step up efforts to contribute to the growth of the economy while working to stabilize employment.

The number of jobs created and people employed remained on an upward trend, while the number of people being employed continues to rise across all provinces in the country, the ministry said. In addition, job recruits in eastern China has accounted for around 60 percent of all created new jobs in the first quarter. And, new jobs created across most industrial lines increased month-on-month, with the manufacturing sector creating the most new jobs, the ministry said.

A report released by Chinese jobs website, on April 18 showed that Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chongqing were the top three cities offering the most new jobs for new-energy indusrty in the first quarter of 2024. China plans to shore up employment stabilization by implementing targeted policies to achieve the annual target of creating 12 million new jobs, the ministry said, adding unemployment insurance will also be strengthened.

Global Times


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