Despite the doom, Indians are confident about finding the right job

Indians are a confident lot when it comes to finding job opportunities. And the key to that confidence is a good network. For 88% of Indians, networking and knowing the right people is the key to finding just the right job. This self-assuredness is the highest in the world, and more than the global average of 76%, according to the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2020.

LinkedIn surveyed 30,000 respondents from 22 countries between September and October 2019 for this ranking. This is particularly striking for India, which is currently battling a slowing economy and an unprecedented jobs crisis. But Indians aren’t letting the current climate dampen their hopes.

The country ranked the highest in the world on parameters such as outlook on the economy over the next year, outlook on personal finance situation over the next 12 months, quality of life (especially when compared to their parents), and confidence in achieving success. Indians rated their confidence in market opportunities slightly lower, but it was still among the highest in the world.

People in developing countries are generally more optimistic about “gaining access to and pursuing opportunities,” and India leads in that trend, LinkedIn said.

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