Deputy Human Resource Minister Mustapha Sakmud, together with Dato’ Mohd Sharil Abdullah, Director of Industry and Community Collaboration Division and Thomas Mathew, TalentCorp Group Chief Executive Officer, with the Higher Learning Institute Representative Awards Recipients.

There is an increase in demand for industrial training placements, with over 277,000 students, or nearly 2% of Malaysia’s labour market required to undergo internship training yearly.

As such, Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp), mandated by the Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR) is the leading agency and facilitator of national industrial training has renewed its commitment to the development and implementation of holistic structured internship frameworks to help address the challenges of unemployment and underemployment among graduates.

At the MySIP Appreciation Award to celebrate employers and higher learning institution partners who exercised the benefits of MySIP, Datuk Mustapha Sakmud, Deputy Minister of Human Resources commended TalentCorp’s efforts in driving the MySIP to improve graduate employability, which has expanded to include Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) students.

“Internship training is a key strategy for our students to be skilled and industry ready. The importance of participating in a structured internship programme cannot be overstated, because it serves as a powerful motivator to bring the best out of our young talents,” he said.

“The Ministry of Human Resources, through TalentCorp will continue studying the details of the proposed National Industrial Training Policy. This will include establishing guidelines for employers to provide a healthy and safe work environment, fair allowances, and structured opportunities for industrial training,” he added.

Since 2012, the TalentCorp National Structured Internship Programme (MySIP) has benefited over 112,000 students, with an average of 600 companies participating each year.

MySIP guarantees students undergoing internships in MySIP Companies a minimum monthly allowance and a well-organised, educational internship framework.

In addition to offering registered MySIP Companies a double tax deduction incentive, the initiative serves as a valuable talent pipeline for these organisations.

In 2022, TalentCorp launched mynext by TalentCorp, a one-stop platform for the facilitation of MySIP, and for employers and interns to match with each other.

Thomas Mathew, TalentCorp’s Group CEO said that the agency has since introduced various programmes to empower and benefit the Malaysian talent pool, as the most vital and sustainable source of talents to support the Malaysia MADANI economic aspiration.

“This week is our Internship Market Week which we organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Labour Department, as well as public and private higher learning institutions. The event is held virtually so that it is accessible to students across the country who are seeking internship opportunities,” he said.


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