New platform strategy and software plans, launched at Ultimaker Transformation Summit, leverage unique Ecosystem


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 23 April 2021 – Increasing volatility in global markets, driven by events such as the current pandemic, highlight the need for businesses to increase the flexibility of their operations. Some turned to 3D printing technology and solutions to stay on top of their supply chains. Ultimaker, a leader in the professional 3D printing industry, today enables companies to make the most of their operations by bundling all Ultimaker 3D printers with Ultimaker Essentials software. This gives customers one platform to fully leverage the Ultimaker Ecosystem, offering the largest diversity of products and services in the industry. Today’s announcement at the Ultimaker Transformation Summit also includes the launch of two new software subscription plans, Ultimaker Professional and Ultimaker Excellence, to help businesses globally scale and professionalize 3D printing.

The Platform

The 3D printing platform launched by Ultimaker enables the development, nurturing and orchestration of Ecosystem products and services including hardware add-ons, materials, software, and other services. To ensure the best customer experience Ultimaker will certify Ecosystem products and services that have been tested with the platform. Ultimaker will provide open interfaces, APIs and other tools for the development community and support these communities to drive further innovation and use cases. The platform focuses on the end-to-end workflows, from enabling engineers to collaborate on a design, to storing applications, and printing on demand.

Jürgen von Hollen, CEO at Ultimaker: “Ultimaker is uniquely positioned as a leader in the professional 3D printing segment, delivering both hardware and software solutions. The platform is the evolution, elevating our current capabilities and enabling our partners and diverse ecosystem to deliver a seamless, innovative, and futureproof customer experience. Our belief is that all businesses: small, medium, and large, should have the opportunity to take advantage of the platform and ecosystem. This allows them to remain flexible and productive in a volatile world.”

New software

In line with the new strategy, Ultimaker bundles all new 3D printers with Ultimaker Essentials. For companies that wish to further scale and professionalize their 3D printing activities, Ultimaker launched two new software plans.

  • Ultimaker Professional: helps professionalize 3D Printing innovation through collaboration and advanced software.
  • Ultimaker Excellence: a complete and custom solution aimed at accelerating the business’ digital transformation.

The software plans include five new elements:

  • Additional e-learning for all plans: Businesses can increase the success of 3D printing with new e-learning modules.
  • Digital Library: A global application library, hosted in the cloud​, allowing for easy collaboration and application development.
  • Reporting & analytics: Users gain insight into individual printers, print fleet, projects, and applications, and access and analyze data with PowerBI. It simplifies data-driven decision-making and building a business case to show the ROI.
  • Seamless CAD and platform integration: Users can directly open CAD files in Ultimaker Cura, skipping conversion to .STL. The Ultimaker Digital Factory also reduces any switching between software components.
  • Expert support and full API access for Ultimaker Excellence: Users can speed up digital transformation and experience full compatibility with established processes. They can also access expert support when needed.

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Established in 2011, Ultimaker is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transformation to flexible, empowering and sustainable solutions. 380 employees collaborate globally to deliver a platform that enables customers to take full advantage of the unique Ultimaker Ecosystem that offers the largest diversity of 3D printing products and services in the industry. Ultimaker provides a seamless integration of hardware, software and materials that simply works.