– 22 May 2020 – Although
schools remain physically closed, considerable effort is being made to maintain
students’ academic momentum during this challenging time of the school year.
St. John’s International Primary and Secondary School (SJIS) has brought the
entire learning experience online, with a fully structured virtual curriculum
for both Primary and Secondary students. In fact, the online learning alternative
was so effective that the school has rolled out ‘online Open Days’ to allow
prospective parents the chance to experience SJIS’ offerings virtually as well.


has an excellent reputation for its scholastic tradition, so maintaining the
quality of education while protecting the health and safety of students was
paramount. Suresh Dass, COO & Executive Principal, remarked that “as well
as all materials being maintained for offline use, and current workbooks
converted into Google Forms for instant submission and feedback … we are
planning fast-track revision sessions when we return to school as well”.


initiative, put together and programmed quickly to avoid as much disruption as
possible, won praise from the parents. Although tricky to replicate a physical
classroom learning environment, the technical teaching capability was enough to
ensure productive participation amongst the students. Attendance amongst
students have averaged more than 90%, with many subjects having a 100% turnout.


Chopra, a Year 8 parent, praised the proactivity of SJIS in “providing the
right coaching to our kids via virtual learning”, while Abu Mohammed, a parent
of a Primary student, was delighted with the teachers’ efforts to “provide
individual attention, make the class as interactive as possible … even engage
the students through extra-curricular activities!”


well as ‘normal’ lessons, SJIS also used the online opportunity to deliver
alternative classes, workshops, and webinars such as “Creative Writing 101” as
well as interactive art sessions.


the school into a synchronous experience online for students was so successful,
that SJIS have created a virtual offering for prospective parents in the form
of a virtual Open Day. 15-minute sessions are conducted via Zoom, with
information on the school’s vision and mission, academic programmes and extra-curricular
activities, as well as fee structure. Virtual tours can be conducted throughout
the week, with participants encouraged to make follow-up plans for a physical
visit on Saturdays, now that the Movement Restriction Order has been relaxed
slightly. Student testimonials and a video tour are also available on request.

This prompt initiative from the school — and the positive response from pupils
and parents alike — as well as the ability to react so proactively to a challenging
situation, stands SJIS in great stead for a bright future indeed. 21st Century
problems do require prompt technological solutions, especially in the face of
the current pandemic.


St. John’s International Primary and Secondary School
or SJIS is a privately-funded International School. SJIS is an associate La
Salle School in collaboration with the De La Salle Brothers, Malaysia. SJIS
presents a new milieu for students from different cultures and backgrounds to
be nurtured in education, sports and extra-curricular activities excellence.
Members of SJIS faculty are discerningly selected for their top academic
qualifications and methodical competencies. They are chosen for their penchant
in the scholastic care of students, having the ability to deliver quality
education using the latest devices and technology preparing students for the 21st
Century classroom.