In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of recruitment, finding the right talent has become an art as much as it is a science. In this quest for the perfect candidate, companies are realising that attracting top-tier talent goes far beyond a competitive salary and a corner office. Employee benefits have emerged as a pivotal factor, reshaping the recruitment landscape and influencing employees’ decisions.

This paradigm shift is not just about what the candidates can bring to the table; it is about what the company can offer them in return.

At Tokio Marine Life Malaysia, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work anymore. With the experiences and professional sales representative of our Corporate Solutions team, we aim to provide workforces the best solutions on employee benefit programmes.

Having over 75 years of presence in Malaysia and being one of the most established life insurance groups, we are a customer-first organisation and naturally, we put customers at the heart of everything we do we, to live up to our corporate vision, To Be A Good Company.

Life insurance benefits also play a significant role in promoting financial literacy and responsibility among employees. SMEs that offer their employees life insurance often provide educational resources to help them understand the importance of financial planning and the diverse options available to them.

This investment in financial education empowers employees to make informed decisions about their future, fostering a sense of financial responsibility and independence.

Attracting Talent: A Magnet for Professionals

Employee benefits are more than just perks; they are a window into a company’s soul. The benefits a company offers speak volumes about its values and priorities. A robust benefits package indicates that the company cares about the well-being of its employees, valuing them as individuals, not just as workers.

This reflection of a positive company culture becomes a magnet for talent. In a world where job seekers are increasingly discerning about where they invest their time and skills, a company with a strong commitment to employee welfare stands out like a beacon, attracting like-minded professionals who seek more than just a job – they seek a fulfilling career.

Today’s employees are seeking more than just financial security and benefits; they want valuable support for their well-being. At Tokio Marine Life Malaysia, we have a range of employee benefits’ services that aims to protect and keep employees safe:

  1. Employee Benefits Consultation: Employee benefits are vital for businesses that want to maintain a passionate workforce and develop a strong company culture. At Tokio Marine Life Malaysia, we assist employers to set up customised plans and programmes that suit their  With our expertise, we provide cost-effective solutions to help in managing spending, managing risk, supporting employee choice/engagement, health insurance and aligning to their business strategy.
  2. Medical Service Provider: We offer employers comprehensive, cost-effective healthcare solutions, plus maximise value by improving efficiency and delivering cost benefits to the company, such as focusing on wellness initiatives, including free health screenings, public health talks and flexible scheduling to accommodate the demanding schedules of healthcare.
  3. Wellness Programme: We focus on employees’ well-being to promote workforce resilience and increase productivity, prioritising not only the absence of illness but also factors like mental and emotional health, work-life balance, job satisfaction, and personal fulfilment. Companies that prioritise employee well-being recognise the fundamental connection between the well-being of their workforce and overall organisational success. By fostering a positive work environment, offering mental health support, promoting a healthy work-life balance, and providing opportunities for professional growth, employers can enhance employee morale, engagement, productivity and overall business.
  4. Employee Purchase Programme: We offer companies exclusive product discount for their employees and their family. Through this programme, employees are offered the opportunity to purchase products or services from their own company or partner businesses at discounted rates. This not only provides a financial benefit to the employees by allowing them to buy goods and services at a reduced cost, but also strengthens their connection with the company.

SMEs can consider two of our employee benefits packages; Tokio Marine SME-Lite and Tokio Marine SME Prime Protect. These packaged Group Employee Benefits schemes are excellent choices for companies looking to provide group insurance as a form of employee benefit, prioritising the welfare of their employees.

They are especially designed to meet the needs of small to medium size corporations, offering comprehensive Group Term Life coverage, and Group Hospitalisation & Surgical benefits.

These packages are recommended for companies with a headcount size between 5 – 150 employees, with a policy coverage term of one year, plus has an easy to enrol and simple programme administration with no medical writing or check-up requirement. Additionally, you get to enjoy tax deduction and be protected 24/7 while having worldwide basic coverage.

Employee benefits are no longer an afterthought in the recruitment process; they are the cornerstone upon which exceptional teams are built. In this era of talent scarcity and high turnover rates, companies are advised to invest in their employees not just as workers, but as individuals with multifaceted needs and aspirations.

The companies that recognise this shift and adapt their benefits packages accordingly are the ones poised for success. As recruitment continues to evolve, employee benefits will remain at the forefront, shaping not only the workforce but also the future of success itself. Invest in the well-being and growth of your employees with Tokio Marine Life Malaysia’s group products.

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