In Japan, the age of 35 is considered to be a cut-off point where a worker can typically make a meaningful career change since seniority within a company has a big influence on promotion. However, that business norm is now being given a rethink as companies are seeking experienced individuals who can help them grow in the challenging posts-pandemic era.

Based on data from three recruiting firms, a report by Nikkei indicated that the number of workers who changed jobs in the five years leading to 2020 doubled among those aged 41 and older. In 2020, roughly 10,000 workers above 40 sought new jobs or 1.9 times over compared to five years ago.

In 2021, Senior Job – which is an agency that specializes in placing older workers – registered 61,500 new interested candidates. This is a 2.7-fold increase from 2019.

It is also increasing at a faster pace than of young people. The Japan Executive Search and Recruitment Association says that job hoppers in their 40s and 50s are leading the pack.


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