Working at White & Case opens doors to experiences and relationships that help their people build their careers, wherever it takes them. White & Case is a diverse, globally minded organisation that does cutting-edge work that enriches on-the-job experiences that will last a lifetime. It provides a collaborative, fast-paced environment where self-motivated, achievement-oriented, open-minded and entrepreneurial team players can thrive.


Maintaining and improving the health of White & Case employees is of utmost importance. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s doctors and nurses provided immediate medical care and assistance onsite. With the ongoing health crisis, their employees and their enrolled dependents are given access to two remote medical services that allow them to meet and consult with medical professionals virtually through their mobile devices.

White & Case also has several programs to help their people care for their mental health. Global Lifestyle Assist provides up to 10 counseling sessions for employees and enrolled dependents; it is accessible via phone, email, website, or mobile application. Additionally, the organisation regularly provides resources on COVID-19 and stress management and helps employees establish greater mind-body-balance and proactively stimulating wellbeing through virtual guided meditation sessions.


Preventive measures that strictly follow government guidelines and best practices are in place for those who are asked to occasionally report onsite. Additionally, materials on physical and mental resilience are regularly sent through email and internal social media pages to instill the importance of overall wellness among White & Case’s employees. As the company prepares for its eventual return to the office, a comprehensive return-to work strategy is continuously being revisited and adjusted to ensure that their employees will be able to adapt to the new normal.


There has always been a strong sense of community at White & Case. Even when faced with difficulties, the organisation and their people find ways to give back to others and help make a difference. In February, the employees joined relief operations for the families affected by the Taal volcano eruption. The company continues to provide support to their security and housekeeping personnel, drivers, and maintenance staff as well as the children from World Vision and Special Olympics Philippines during the pandemic.


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