Family is at the heart of Puregold right from the very start. Founded by Lucio and Susan Co in 1998, they welcomed their pioneer employees and treated them as their own family, building the business together, instilling a sense of belongingness into the organisation.

To be in tune within a constantly shifting retail landscape, Puregold employees are always on the frontlines, listening to its customers and finding the best ways to deliver the products they need, when they need it. The team is deeply involved in each step of the process, provided the proper tools and training, empowering employees to come up with innovative ways to collaborate and find solutions together. It is this high level of trust in the capabilities of each individual that fosters engagement, loyalty and ownership in each employee.

The company firmly believes that investing in its employees is a sound strategy that fuels the long-term growth of the Puregold family. From its onboarding process, new recruits are shown their potential career paths and given the training needed to quickly learn the basics of retail.

To keep its employees engaged, the company hosts several employee relations programs, such as annual teambuilding activities, service awards, monthly employee interactions, and pep talks. The firm believes that these activities give employees a bigger voice in the organisation, strengthens camaraderie and teamwork, and shows the firm’s appreciation for the hard work that its team members have poured into Puregold.

Achieving work life harmony can be a challenge to employees in a service-oriented establishment operating twelve hours a day, seven days a week. The company sees an opportunity with its national presence to encourage employees to go back to their hometowns where Puregold is operating. It is also an opportunity to those who may have started a family and chose to relocate to a place where can they start and raise their own families.

Year 2020 posed a big challenge to the world, and the COVID-19 pandemic, a colossal test of leadership and values. Despite these difficult times, Puregold employees risk much to still come to work every day. This is not just a selfish need for income, but more an overriding sense of duty and service to the country.


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