Maersk believes that its employees take the driver seat in managing their own career and development. Supporting this, the company has successfully established program that will inspire and help them navigate successes.

Learning through Experience and Actual Practice or LEAP is their area wide local L&D program. In 2019, the company had over 60 learning sessions, +1,000 participants across brands with satisfaction of +77. One 4 The Road is a 30-minute bite-sized learning session every Friday to help employees end the week right. The company also implements ‘Culture Days’ as a quarterly celebration of wellbeing, engagement D&I through various employee activities.

Leading Maersk

New leaders participate in advanced learning programs in strengthening their leadership capabilities and Maersk’s leadership pipeline. Reverse mentoring is also implemented to reinforce collaboration between generations and aims to reduce the power distance between staff and senior leaders. The company successfully accelerated employee experience and development through various short-term assignments and rotation within the functions in and outside the country. They also created a set of impactful sessions that aim to build stronger relationships within teams.

Employer Branding and Value Proposition

Through Maersk CARES, the company was able to materialise its socio-economic commitments, allowing them to champion their care for education, environment, and host communities. Maersk participated in Ocean Clean Up, Tree Planting, Brigada Eskwela, charity works, and donation drives.

Maersk Alumni or “Fellows for Life is a local initiative of building lifelong relationships with its former colleagues no matter what journey they pursued. The pilot was attended by approximately 50 Alumni – who are continuously excelling within their chosen professions.

The Leaders Exploration and Development (LEAD) program welcomes and develops accelerated and top-notch undergraduates to explore different functions and learning opportunities, a job rotation every six months and hired permanently either as a specialist or a leader.

Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset

INNOVALOGUE is a crowdsourcing program that enables employees to explore ideas and give them a platform to be creative. Ideas are submitted individually or by a project team, be it cross functionally, between countries or brands.


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