Lazada is the fastest growing e-commerce platform in South East Asia. As it continues to accelerate progress through commerce and technology, it remains rooted in its company values and purpose. Over the years, their priority has always been its customers. From its buyers, sellers, to its stakeholders, they always circle back to the core of it all, their People, the Lazadians.

Connect & Provide Purpose

As a tech company, Lazada was able to leverage its tech tools to help Lazadians transition swiftly and smoothly into working from home, a measure that the business took to prioritise the health and safety of its employees. Regular alignment has also been a priority in the organisation. Local and regional quarterly Townhalls were arranged to keep employees and BUs aligned on business strategies and objectives and ensure that everyone is working towards the same end goal. The company has kept Lazadians connected and motivated by upping the ante on its pre campaign kick offs and post-campaign updates with virtual activities.

Set Clear Expectations

Relative to collectively knowing its goals as one country or company, Lazada also ensures that it is able to translate these goals to individual performance drivers. Thus, they practice a straightforward approach to Performance Management – focused on core deliverables, function, and behaviour (values).

Inspire & Enable

The company puts high value in the growth and development of its people, providing countless opportunities to hear from its Leaders, and even external speakers/experts, who are deemed best in what they do. There are readily available courses for continuous learning and development through Grow, the company’s Learning Management System, and through Learning festivals.

Listen & Act Accordingly

Besides all of the aforementioned programs and initiatives, Lazada also wants to value add to its employees’ holistic growth, by welcoming feedback and adapting its People initiatives to meet all of their needs. Every six months, the company releases an internal employee survey to check in with its Lazadians to leverage on what is working and build from what is not. The aim of this constant effort to listen is to provide better opportunities to support its people in finding and even allowing them to pursue their purpose in Lazada.


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