Started over 60 years ago, J&J Philippines is a key contributor to the group’s success. Its world-class talents have taken on key global and regional leadership roles through the years. Through its Consumer Healthcare business, it has consistently been a leading business in Southeast Asia, while its Global Services hub in Manila remains J&J’s only global captive centre for shared services.


In March 2020, J&J Philippines mandated all its employees to “work from home”, putting their health and safety first. Since then, the company acted fast and implemented several programs to ensure employees remain productive, engaged, and healthy. Apart from employee programs, the organisation is just as proud with its work with the community, supporting its frontline medical workers by providing partner hospitals with care kits and hydration drinks. Their supply chain and medical representatives work to ensure medical supply orders are met during these critical times.


As a trusted leader in healthcare, J&J believes a strong wellness culture starts with its employees. Its HealthForce 2020 campaign encapsulates their drive to have the healthiest workforce in the country. The organisation’s wellness programs cover four areas: movement, mind, eating and work.

On top of these 4 areas, J&J has expanded its wellness campaign to 2 other areas: Healthy Finances (i.e., Flexible Benefits, Financial Wellness webinars) and Healthy Careers (i.e., Career Roadshows and a GROW Program, where employees can apply for projects and stretched assignments).


Taking the lessons and experience gained during this pandemic, J&J Philippines is embarking on a plan to re-imagine its workplace and its overall employee experience well beyond Covid-19. The company envisions a work environment where employees have more flexibility when and where they work, a workplace supported by technology and automation, a mix of in-person and virtual connections where its culture can flourish, and an employee population excited and ready for the future of work. There are many inspiring stories of how J&J employees have stepped up to help their customers, their fellow employees, and their community in the most challenging of times.


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