Visier, a globally recognised leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for businesses driven by their people, proudly announces that Visier People Workplace Dynamics has received the prestigious “Top HR Products of 2023” award from Human Resources Executive.

Launched in 2022, Workplace Dynamics provides a comprehensive overview of employee collaboration and team dynamics, contributing to enhanced productivity and improved business outcomes.

Terrence Yong, VP & general manager of APAC at Visier, expressed gratitude, saying, “We are honoured to have Workplace Dynamics recognised as one of the Top HR Products of the year.

“There has never been a more crucial time for organisations across APAC and beyond to gain a deeper understanding of their employees and their impact on the business. Workplace Dynamics equips managers and individuals with the insights needed to support productivity and success.”

Since Visier’s regional launch in May this year, the company has continued to establish itself as a leader in HRTech. With notable clients like 7-Eleven Malaysia, Visier has already made a significant impact in the region and has received accreditation from the IMDA, acknowledging its innovative contributions to the field.

Empowering HRs and Employers to Build Social Capital and Boost Productivity

Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index report revealed that 49% of leaders in Singapore identify relationship-building as the greatest challenge when employees work in hybrid or remote settings. Visier’s Workplace Dynamics addresses this challenge by helping employers understand collaboration dynamics, how work is accomplished, and where relationships and networks thrive.

Workplace Dynamics stands out as the first and only solution that combines active and passive employee feedback to offer a holistic view of teamwork. By collecting passive feedback from collaboration tools like email, chat, and calendars, and supplementing it with active feedback from targeted weekly surveys, organisations gain unparalleled visibility into individual and team productivity, performance, well-being, and burnout.

Workplace Dynamics also tackles other critical business challenges faced by companies in Singapore and the broader region by:

  • Identifying organisational friction that hinders collaboration and showcasing best practices from high-performing teams.
  • Recognising and addressing burnout risks to enhance retention and ensure employee satisfaction, focus, direction, and productivity.
  • Unveiling, nurturing, and retaining hidden leaders who amplify business results and foster a performance-driven culture.
  • Elevating employee performance and growth through personalised insights and coaching delivered directly to employees.

Yong said, “Workplace Dynamics is just one of our many industry-leading products in our portfolio of people analytics, planning, and workforce impact solutions. Others include Visier People, the globally renowned people analytics solution; Workforce Planning, offering data-driven headcount planning for finance and HR; Smart Compensation, reinventing compensation and merit workflows; and Alpine, by Visier, a platform-as-a-service empowering builders to accelerate and enhance their people analytics projects.”

Human Resources Executive evaluates Top HR Products submissions each year, with input from external experts and analysts. Winning solutions are chosen based on their innovation, value to the HR function, user-friendliness, and ability to deliver tangible business value. Visier has previously received the Top HR Product Award for its Learning and Talent Acquisition solutions.


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