A survey commissioned by CareerBuilder has revealed that 52 per cent of adults are satisfied in their roles at work and not currently engaged in a job search, while 23 per cent of Gen Z, 24 per cent of Millennials, and 14 per cent of Gen X are actively looking for a new job. The survey also reveals what incentives which are valued the most to keep engagement and loyalty high.

Among the employed adults, 56 per cent finds work schedule as the most appealing factor in their current role, something more important to women (61%) compared to men (51%).

Almost half of the workers who were surveyed say that colleagues (48%), fair pay (46%), and work-life balance (43%) are most appealing with 34 per cent who also appreciate their health benefits. In fact, 58 per cent of Gen Z are attracted to their job because of colleagues and work friends while men (52%) are more likely than women (39%) to be drawn to their job because they are being paid fairly.

On average, the feedback shows that a quarter of employed adults have been at their company for three to five years with about one in 10 employees (9%) who have been working at their current company for less than a year. Also, 22 per cent at their company for one to two years, and 20 per cent for six to 10 years.

“With these new survey results, we see that one out of five employees have been at their company for six to 10 years indicating that workers value loyalty and a healthy work culture,” said Kristin Kelley, Chief Marketing Officer at CareerBuilder. “As employers, we strive to keep our teams motivated and happy. This new data helps inform and open the lines of communication, so employers can meet folks where they are, providing an ideal environment that allows everyone to prioritize wellness, flexibility and work-life balance.”

The survey also revealed the benefits that employees look for outside of common work perks and their company’s current offerings:

  • 30 per cent are seeking a four-day work week
  • 28 per cent hope to have their birthday off
  • 24 per cent seek mental health and wellness benefits
  • 21 per cent prefer to work remotely full-time
  • 16 per cent would like paid sabbatical leave
  • 13 per cent would be interested in pet insurance
  • 10 per cent look for fertility or new baby benefits

Notably, perks related to their work schedule supersede financial offerings for employees including a signing bonus (28%), student loan repayment (20%), childcare or daycare stipend (19%) and tuition reimbursement (15%).


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