Tesla Inc. has left aspiring summer interns in a quandary, rescinding offers shortly before their scheduled start dates. The sudden decision has left many students scrambling to secure alternative opportunities. The sudden withdrawal of internship offers has caught many students off guard as they approach the end of the academic year, leaving them with limited time to secure replacements.

Diana Rosenberg, a Tesla employee, reached out on LinkedIn, urging her network to consider hiring one of the affected interns, attributing the rescinded offers to the company’s recent layoffs. CEO Elon Musk had previously announced a 10 per cent global workforce reduction as Telsa with further cuts expected. Concerns over declining electric vehicle sales and high expenditures fuel these decisions.

Tesla reported an 8.5% year-on-year decline in first-quarter deliveries, with 386,810 vehicles delivered across the world. Earlier this week, Tesla’s senior director of charging infrastructure, Rebecca Tinucci, stepped down. A mail from Musk to other Tesla executives fired about 500 people from Tinucci’s supercharger group. Musk said that the company will continue to grow its supercharger network but at a “slower pace” for new locations. At the end of the first quarter, Tesla had 57,579 supercharger connectors and 6249 stations worldwide. Despite the potential marginal savings, revoking intern offers may impact Tesla’s talent pipeline, as the company typically hires over 3,000 interns annually.

Yahoo Finance


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