The dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is both exciting and terrifying. On one hand, these new technologies bring brand new potential opportunities and opens new avenues on how organisations conduct business. On the other, we have a ‘Terminator’-like scenario where there is a fear of humans being replaced by efficient AI systems and automation.

With how advanced AI is becoming, especially when we look at AI chatbots, it is no surprise that some would voice concerns over the fear of being replaced. However, we should try to steer clear of the apprehension regarding AI and its potential. It should be noted that AI is not here to steal jobs from those handling the HR department. The development of AI has an aim to extend the existing capabilities of human beings and get the best out of them. AI can help ease out mundane tasks thus saving on time, especially in large organisations where there is a lot of paperwork.

There are many fields nowadays in which chatbots help improve the lifestyle of the common masses. From food delivery, health advice, hotel concierge, etc. In the HR world, these chatbots can be used for clarifying queries, addressing requests and answering the questions of the employees.

Here are some ways that AI and automation can assist in HR.

AI to Simplify HR Processes

HR chatbots can provide an interface to engage with employees, providing them with an upfront reference source without having to go looking for one around the office. Any queries about the leave policy, benefits, company policy, etc. can be resolved via chat. Since they are already used to using instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. the requirement of learning anything new is automatically resolved.

AI in Onboarding

From application to job openings to initiating interactions with new employees, chatbots can do an excellent job. This ensures that the organisation provides an amazing first impression and make the work environment a cheerful place to work in. This helps in enhancing the experience of employees.

AI in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and employee analysis at an individual and group level can be accomplished by HR chatbots. Two-way communication is the basis of AI chatbots. Fulfilling expectations and checking the progress of employees are some other functions AI chatbots can easily carry out.

AI in Learning & Development

Organisations will usually allocate large budgets and resources to Learning Management Systems. However, whether an employee utilises these sources is another story. Conventional learning sources are usually in the form of massive data chunks. Chatbots can provide a fun learning experience and break down the monotonous references into small tutorial videos that are easy to comprehend.

AI in Performance Management

The parameters for performance management are quantifiable and pre-set. By integrating performance management to provide out recognition and rewards, AI chatbots can automate the evaluation of performance.

HR and AI to Complement Each Other

The popularity of AI and chatbots is rising with each passing day. To provide increased efficiency, better customer service, and cost-effective methods of delivering the best, enterprises are including AI in their work process.

AI in HR is expected to provide a personalised experience to the employees, clients, and stakeholders. Many work processes are also expected to be streamlined thanks to intelligent automation.

HR professionals don’t need to feel threatened by chatbots. Instead of seeing them as the enemies, befriending them is a wise move. The efficiency of an organisation can only go up if we let AI handle the mundane checklists while humans oversee strategic and value-added tasks.