HERO campaign banner highlighting the option of gifting education

Education is the great uplifter and equaliser for underprivileged communities worldwide. In modern times, mobile education on the go enables quality learning to be accessible to everyone. This includes the urban poor, rural populations, and migrants alike.

In this spirit, LTT Global, a pioneer in mobile education and learning experience portals, had its Malaysia launch of their HERO Campaign. HERO stands for Help Education Reach Out, with the goal of making quality learning accessible and affordable. The campaign also to celebrate LTT’s recent recognition by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), for being a Responsible and an Inclusive Business in ASEAN.

At the same time, HERO encourages lifelong learning for everyone. The campaign is targeted at children, youth, women, people with different abilities and refugees, among others.

When answering the question of why they created the campaign, Dr Wemel Cumavoo, CEO and co-Founder of LTT Global, stated, “Education is too important and should not only be in the hands of the most privileged. That is why we developed the campaign, to help less-privileged people globally that lack or have no access to education altogether and also, at the same time to help companies by providing efficient, low-cost training for all their employees.”

The HERO campaign works by inviting individuals and organisations to take part as supporting partners or learning organisations. When a company buys a subscription to LTT Global’s online learning portal to educate their staff, LTT Global will match this and send out one subscription for free to someone in need. Dr Cumavoo said, “We are working with NGO’s globally to make sure that we reach out as far and wide as possible”.

The HERO campaign is currently reaching out to government sectors, universities and corporates to help create awareness and participate as learning organizations. So far, HR Asia, Microsoft, Chamrun Interactive, and Forest City are partners for the project.