By Cynthia Woon Cheng Yee

In any organisation, there is always the need of great leadership. In my personal opinion, I believe that having diverse perspectives and experiences contributes to better decision-making within any organisation.

Having worked in Kenanga for over a decade, there are a handful of important lessons I’ve learnt throughout the years – everyone has an equal opportunity to learn and grow despite their gender and despite their roles.

As an organisation within the financial industry, we need to continuously encourage the innovative mindset, stimulate problem-solving thinkers and encourage the quality of thinking from outside the box from ALL employees.

The progress I’ve seen in Kenanga has grown immensely throughout the years and I am very proud to see the inclusion and diversity that’s been practiced, and I am very proud to be part of this journey.

With all this being said, if I had the chance to speak to my younger-self, I would tell her to be confident, do not be afraid of taking risks & to always be open to learning.

Cynthia Woon Cheng Yee is the Head of Group Treasury at Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad


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