Women hold top management jobs in Malaysia civil service


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As high as 35% of top policy-making positions are held by women in Malaysia’s public sector.

The latest figures – 1,419 women holding top positions – are encouraging as women make bigger and bolder strides in the workforce. It has also exceeded the quota of 30% women in policy-making positions in the civil service.

Occupying high ranking positions from the top management to policy implementer, these women dominate 57.5% in the civil service, excluding those in police and military services.

“The total achieved is a remarkable accomplishment in the civil service and proves that women civil servants in Malaysia play a significant role in the governance of the country,” said Chief Secretary to the Government Dr Ali Hamsa.

Playing decisive roles that could shape and power economic growth and development, women’s top priority lies in delivering better services to the people, providing better services to the people.

This, said Dr Ali, will support the government’s efforts to increase productivity and enhance the image of the public sector as the main sector spearheading the development of the country.

“Measures would be taken to empower female leadership in the country’s development, particularly towards making the 2050 National Transformation a reality,” he added.


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