The first EMU of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway was received by Indonesia on August 22. [Photo – China Railway Construction Corporation]

Indonesia’s Presidential Staff Office (KSP) expert staff Bambang Prihartono pressed for the need to realise the transfer of technology and knowledge in operating the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway (KCJB) to Indonesian human resources.

“Human resources is an important component in the process of maintaining and utilising this high-speed train. Moreover, we must quickly adapt to this new culture,” Prihartono noted in a statement here.

On the occasion, he participated in the train operational trial from Jakarta to Tegalluar Station, Bandung, West Java.

Prihartono remarked that in addition to technology, human resources were the key to maintaining the sustainability of KCJB’s assets.

He explained that the transfer of knowledge and technology will significantly contribute to realising the vision of Golden Indonesia or Indonesia becoming an advanced country by 2045.

“The development of transportation in Indonesia is currently rapid, for instance, the LRT and this high-speed train, so we must prepare the human resources quickly,” he emphasised.

He stated that careful consideration had been given to the technology utilised and facilities in the high-speed train. Apart from being able to reach 350 km/h, the infrastructure development of KCJB also pays attention to safety factors, he stressed.

“Not only the train’s technology, but we also heed to the safety aspects, such as the use of fibreglass for soundproofing to limit (sound) from the trail tracks (reaching the) settlements,” he explained.

According to KSP’s written statement, Ghina, one of KCJB’s train attendants, admitted to sensing pride to be part of the operation of the first high-speed train in Indonesia.

Ghina revealed that the recruitment process was strict and challenging, as it involved various parties, including PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC), several related ministries, and vendors from China.

KCIC was offering four round-trip schedules or eight trips per day during the free limited trial until September 30, 2023. – ANTARA


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