With the Mandatory Control Order (MCO) restrictions being progressively lifted, the job employment market has started to recover according to the latest study by JobStreet. Its country manager, Gan Bock Herm said that there appears to be a positive outlook in hiring trends.

The study showed that some 74 percent of employers expect to make new hires in the next six months.

“Our research appears to be aligned with finance minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz’s optimism that Malaysia is on track for recovery in 2021 based on the unemployment rate recovering to 4.9 percent in June, from a record high of 5.3 percent in May,” said Gan.

A growing trend has also been observed of employers seeking out expertise for emerging IT roles such as data analysts, artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists together with experienced digital transformation professionals.

“COVID-19 and the MCO restrictions have changed the way companies operate. As part of the new normal, companies are adopting various digital and online measures resulting in high demand for skills related to digital and IT” said Gan.

“Hence it comes as no surprise that the top three industries looking for talent is led by IT, followed by manufacturing and banking/financial services.”

Malaysian workers more unhappy with quality of life

Despite the above optimistic findings, the report also highlighted a sharp drop in employees’ quality of life since MCO was introduced, said Gan.

A total of 44 percent of all respondents reported themselves as being unhappy with their quality of life, or four times the 11 percent who said the same prior to MCO.

The industries most directly affected included hospitality/catering, tourism/travel, media/publishing, and beauty care.

“Since March, 1 in 3 employees have had their livelihoods disrupted, with 18 percent permanently retrenched due to Covid-19 and 11 percent temporarily not working, although still technically employed.”

Besides, 48 percent reported a negative impact on their remuneration, with 35 percent of those who had their salaries cut having experienced a reduction of more than 30 percent.

Employees have also experienced significant changes to their work-life balance, with 58 percent being required to work from home, while 39 percent of respondents experienced an increase in their workload.

Need for responsiveness, resilience, and rising above challenges  

“Our mission is to improve people’s lives through better careers. Toward this end, we want to be able to provide the necessary as well as relevant information, insights and tools to enable businesses and individuals to succeed and thrive,” said Gan.

He explained that, by knowing the trends in the industry and employment landscape better, employers, as well as job-seekers can make better and more informed decisions about their organisations and their careers.


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