Taiwan will soon begin offering subsidies of up to NT$20,000 (US$715.81) to workers who were previously unemployed, but have managed to get themselves a full-time job.

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) intends to roll out an updated version of its “Peace of Mind Employment Plan” on July 12, with new incentives to attract unemployed people back into the labour force, according to Focus Taiwan.

In the amended version of the policy, the requirement that a worker must have been unemployed for over 30 days will be lifted, and employers will receive up to NT$30,000 (US$1,072) in subsidies over four months, Wu Shu-ying, an official in the Employment Services Division of the MOL’s Workforce Development Agency, told the publication.

The key difference is that workers will also be now eligible for handouts of up to NT$20,000 in subsidies over four months if they find a new full-time job, Wu added.

Those who are unemployed and gain part-time employment will be eligible for NT$10,000 (US$357) over four months, while their employers can receive NT$15,000 (US$536) over the same period.

To qualify for the benefits, employers are required to register on the MOL’s Taiwan Jobs website before hiring and enrolling new staff into the government’s labour insurance programme by September 30.


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