Philippines’ Senator Lito Lapid has recently introduced a new bill which seeks to provide Filipino workers with 28 days of paid leave in case they need to undergo quarantine because of Covid-19. Lapid is seeking an early passage of the bill which, if passed into law, will address the consequences employees may face when exposed to Covid-19 during work.

Under the bill, which has been dubbed “Senate Bill (SB) No. 2404“, Filipino workers who would be exposed to a Covid-19 case or would be infected with the virus shall be entitled to paid leaves during their mandatory quarantine period, which should not exceed 28 days per year.

Said paid leave would be the equivalent of workers’ daily wage rate and is set to be shouldered by the Social Security System and the Government Service Insurance System.  However, it was noted that if said exposure to Coid-19 was a result of the employers’ “negligence”, the the cost would be shouldered by the company itself.

The legislation will cover all workers regardless of their employment status within the company. Additionally, the paid leave will not replace or diminish pre-existing worker benefits.

Employers who refuse to offer the paid quarantine leaves will face a fine worth P30,000 up to P200,000. Should a violation of the bill be found committed by an association, partnership, corporation, or any other institution, the firm’s managing head, directors, or partners would be held liable.

This new bill comes as a relief for many of Philippines’ health workers who have faced many issues with regards to payment benefits since the onset of Covid-19.


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