President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has affirmed that competent and capable human resources will blaze a trail for Indonesia to become a developed nation.

“The development of human resources will elicit greater attention than other sectors. Competent human resources will boost the prosperity of the people, with high moral character, based on Pancasila, to transform Indonesia into an advanced country in keeping with the aspirations of our founding fathers”, said Jokowi at the ceremony to commemorate Pancasila Day.

The president also pointed out the immense global hurdles and challenges that would come with the pursuit of higher economic status. Issues such as wider openness, tighter competition, and technological developments are among some of the few global issues that the nation must tackle if it is to realise it’s aspirations for developed status.

“It will open wider the space for fake news, blasphemy, and slander in society”, he added.

During the interim, Jokowi also mentioned that the government had constantly sought to alleviate domestic issues, including poverty and inequality through new and alternative solutions.

“We have to remain optimistic. We have to believe that we are already on the right track. We continue on the path of infrastructure development for uniting the nation. We have succeeded in reducing the poverty rate and narrowing inequality. We have maintained economic growth and working opportunities in the midst of turbulence in the global economy”, emphasized the president

Jokowi appealed to all stakeholders, including religious leaders, public figures, intellectuals, and academicians, to work towards facilitating the development of Indonesian human resources.

The president led a ceremony to mark Pancasila Day at the Pancasila Building, Foreign Affairs Ministry, at around 8.00am local time on Saturday.