India is among one of the countries worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Amidst the ongoing crisis, the Indian government is now allowing private and state entities to vaccinate its employees and their dependent family members.

Some companies, both in the public and private sector, have already begun lining up its vaccination programme for their staff and family members, reports Times of India.

Under the new announcement, the government will allow family members and dependents, as defined by the employer, to be covered under the programme at industrial and workplace Covid Vaccination Centres (CVCs).

This means that the worker, their spouse, children, parents, in-laws and other dependents as allowed by their companies’ internal policies can receive their vaccinations in these centres.

It has also been advised that these employers should source the vaccines from their associated hospitals and medical facilities.

At the CVCs, recipients who are 45 years and older can be vaccinated for free, while those aged 18 to 44 years can be covered through doses acquired directly by the state governments, according to the health ministry.

With these new programmes approved, the nation hopes to gain some control over the spread of the virus, which has recently spiked to record breaking numbers over the past few weeks.


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