This year, 9,850 employees from a total of 265 companies across Vietnam responded to the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Survey. The survey also covers ten other markets across Asia, including Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, HR Asia conducted in-depth assessments with executives, human resource managers of the companies to better understand HR policies, recruitment, employment information and strategic points to build a good workplace. HR Asia also conducted interviews with business leaders among 24 industries in Vietnam and continued the independent research and votes by the Judging Panel on the shortlisted nominees.

”This year, we’ve rolled out our new Total Engagement Assessment Model or T.E.A.M which takes our already robust Employee Input Survey (EIS) that covers emotional engagement (Heart), intention and motivation (Mind) and advocacy and behaviour (Soul) – and adds elements of collective consciousness (Think), workplace sentiment (Feel) and team dynamics (Do). This results in a unique 360 degree employee engagement survey that studies not just how much an employee is engaged, but also how are they engaged differently in a group environment, and in response to corporate initiatives,” says William Ng, group Publisher and editor-in-chief of Business Media International, the publisher of HR Asia.

As part of the judging parameters of the Awards, each participating company nominated at least 30 employees, or 30% of their workforce (whichever is lower), guided by an Employee Selection Guide to take the Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM). The TEAM addresses issues of corporate culture, employee engagement, and team dynamics using a 5-point scoring scale. The Summary of Findings is based on three main factors that determine the satisfaction of the individual in an organisation: CORE, SELF and GROUP.

Respondents in this survey scored the highest in GROUP: Think, Feel and Do. 83% of respondents felt that their collective sentiment as a group had a positive impact on their colleagues. They expressed sentiments such as “We respect the expertise of other employees in the organisation and “We willingly assist colleagues who require assistance”. SELF: Heart, Mind and Soul came a close second. 80% of employees felt engaged and motivated with the organisation they were with. They agreed sentiments like, “I constantly look for ways I can improve my contributions and my role at this organisation” and “I will go above and beyond to achieve the goals of the organisation”. CORE: Collective Organisation for Real Engagement also scored high for employees’ perception of company leadership and culture. 70% of respondents agreed that corporate-level initiatives had effective outcomes for employee engagement. They responded favourably to statements such as “Our  organisation has policies to encourage employees to gain additional skills/certifications” and “Our organisation allows / has flexible working arrangements”.


The leading sentiment across all surveyed companies is “We willingly assist colleagues who require assistance” followed by ”I will go above and beyond to achieve the goals of the organisation” and “Our organisation has policies to encourage employees to gain additional skills / certifications”.

  1. We willingly assist colleagues who require assistance (Average score of 4.44/5). 88.8% of respondents said that they would willingly assist colleagues who require assistance—a key benchmark in measuring organisational cohesiveness and the effectiveness of company culture.
  2. I will go above and beyond to achieve the goals of the organisation (Average score of 4.4/5). 88% of respondents felt that they are willing to go beyond their job description/their day-to-day responsibilities to assist in other areas of business. This not only indicates a high level of motivation, but also shows a willingness to help out fellow colleagues.
  3. Our organisation has policies to encourage employees to gain additional skills / certifications (Average score of 4.35/5). 87% of respondents felt that continuous education is encouraged by the organisation they work at. This is especially important for millennial employees who value career progression as a crucial factor in deciding where to work.


Rated lowest in the survey were sentiments such as, “Our organisation continues to communicate with former employees”, “Our organisation has on-site recreational facilities and activities and / or subsidises off-site recreational activities” and “I feel that there is enough time for me to accomplish my tasks.”

  1. Our organisation continues to communicate with former employees (Average score of 3.15/5). 37% of respondents do not feel that the organisation they work for communicates effectively with them once they leave. Though employees resign for various reasons, burning bridges is not a good move professionally, as former employees may still harbour goodwill towards the company, and may even return one day.
  2. Our organisation has on-site recreational facilities and activities and / or subsidises off-site recreational activities (Average score of 3.2/5). 36% of respondents perceived that their organisation either does not have corporate funding for on-site recreation, or does not allocate enough budget to do so off-site. Recreation not only allows employees to relax and unwind from work, participation in such activities encourages cross-departmental interaction and strengthens company culture.
  3. I feel that there is enough time for me to accomplish my tasks (3.4/5). 32% of respondents felt that they have too much on their plate to accomplish their tasks in the allotted time. Some of it may boil down to ineffective time management by the employee—but if its an endemic problem, it may indicate a disconnect in effective communication between employees and management.

It’s believed that through this programme, the bar for workplace practices in Vietnam and across the region have been collectively raised. Some representatives of the awarded companies shared:


“This is a great honour and significant motivation for AEON Vietnam getting the HR Asia Award to be one of the Best companies to work for in Asia. At AEON Vietnam, people are the most valuable asset and we commit to invest for talent development in people strategy in long term to reach our mission be the leading retailer in Vietnam. Creating the meaningful workplace, investing to training and providing the equal challenging opportunities for all employees are the base to grow and lead the future together. AEON Vietnam is surely the ideal choice for whoever desires to develop personally and professionally.” – Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hue – Strategy HR Management General Manager.


“Our Human Resource commitment is to enable an agile workforce, passion about Amway Business Owners and empowerment to deliver Amway business strategy by nurturing our talents to grow and offering them a competitive and comprehensive total rewards program.” – Mr. Huỳnh Thiên Triều – Country Manager Amway Vietnam


“At Avery Dennison, we pride ourselves on being a global company that is bound together by integrity, collaboration, trust, and continuous improvement. We promote equal opportunities for all of our employees, through every stage of their career. We provide our employees with a “Winning Everywhere” through the development of our talent, our competitive total rewards offering, and a culture of Diversity and Inclusion. We provide opportunities for growth of our employees, and the resources are conveniently available to help manage their careers.” – Ms. Phan Thi My Anh- HR Manager


“At BIDV MetLife, we are proud of the work being done by our energetic and innovative employees. Our employees imbibe BIDV MetLife’s values – to be the best; making things easier; putting customers first and succeeding together as a team in their everyday work. It is the passion of our employees that drives great business results for us and helps us build a working environment where diversity, customer focus and innovation are highly promoted. While we put our heart and soul into what we do, it is always a proud moment to get an external recognition of a level of HR Asia Awards. This is a motivation for us to keep investing in our people who plays an essential role in bringing us to be fast-paced life insurer that brings about best values to the community, and keeping us to always be an employer of choice” – Mr. Sharma Gaurav- CEO & General Director


“It has been an amazing 2 years since H&M opened in Vietnam, bringing fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way to all our Vietnamese customers. The HR Asia Award is a great recognition of the strong value-driven way of working at H&M, not only at the H&M Vietnam team but also across all our 177,000 colleagues globally. Our values form our unique company culture and also make H&M the place of possible and the place to be!” – Ms. Anne Soderberg -Country Sales Manager

  1. HDBANK:

“In parallel to its outstanding achievements in operation, HDBank has been strengthening and bringing its human resources to international standards. Having been “committed to the best returns”, HDBank gears its human resources strategy towards a professional working environment, better recruitment policies, career opportunities and long-termed benefits for its employees.” – Ms Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, HR Head of HDBank


“Our employees are the person to build the company’s working environment for themselves.” –  Leo Evers, managing director, of HEINEKEN Vietnam


This award is a win for everyone in HPE Vietnam and a recognition to all the hardwork of our HR team and leaders. At HPE, we live the culture where we are bias for action, push the boundaries for innovation and prioritize partnership. This is core to everyone at HPE and we live by it every day, every moment as we continuously strive to cultivate a strong team culture by embracing a diverse workforce- Mr. Foo Chuang Yeh-Managing Director, Vietnam and AEC


“Intel Vietnam has been continuously growing. The company is composed of new hires out from university, new experienced hires, current workforce both local and from different Intel sites. No matter who you are, where you came or your level of experience, everyone has an equal chance to succeed and grow with the company. Intel being a diverse and inclusive company, it provides a space for your voice to be heard and make a difference.” – Ms. Yen Pham, Intel Vietnam HR Director


We are proud to obtain the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019 Awards – Vietnam Edition recognized by all L’Oréal employees and HRAsia. The L’Oréal culture originates from a humanity perspective of the Founder of L’Oréal Group from more than 100 years ago focusing on “People People People” to foster the growth of the Group. Thanks to that, L’Oréal has implemented a Global Program called “Share & Care” to provide employees with globalized welfare benefits and employee engagement activities that are well perceived and loved by all employees. This recognition is surely a motivation for L’Oréal Vietnam to continue developing, improving and initiating new diversified programs for the year 2020, strongly tapping on the flexibility and proactivity of each employee in the selection of welfare benefits based on individual’s need; and training courses based on each individual’s career planning and development at L’Oréal Vietnam and within the Group. These will be strategic changes to better suit the expectations from Millennials generation employees and candidates, especially in the Technology 4.0 era. We decided to participate in HR Asia’s Best Work Environment Award as it is a prestigious Asian organization; with trusted strategic consultants from Singapore and Malaysia. Moreover, this award was leveraged from the Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM), which not only fits with Advanced International Management model but also follows the Vietnamese culture.” – Mr. Pham Manh Khoi – HR Director


“With the vision to connect, inspire and empower our people to be our best selves, we consciously invest in nurturing and developing talents as a strategic enabler for the business growth. Appreciate the HR Asia Award committee who deeply studies our HR practice and acknowledges our people strategy. Embarking on our journey to accelerate progress in Southeast Asia through commerce & technology, we shall continue to look for the right people (not the best people) and develop the skills to fit with the opportunities in ecommerce in Vietnam.” – Mr. Phan Huu Truc (Frank) – Chief People Officer, Lazada Vietnam


“At Novaland, we do not build a brand for individuals, we build a team and the team subsequently builds the Brand” – a message from Chairman to all of employee to prove that everyone can be success at Novaland. We recognize and believe in the contribution of everyone in any position you are. With purpose to create a destination for all talents, we focus on career development for young talents by providing opportunity for them to experience new project, new assignment with clearly career path. With the aim of creating a destination for talented people, we focus on developing careers for young talents by creating opportunities for them to experience new projects, new tasks and a clear career path. We live with one core value with 3 factors “Efficiency – Integrity – Professionalism”- Mr Bui Xuan Huy- CEO, Novaland Group


Throughout the eight-year journey with the mission of improving the quality of healthcare products and services in society, Pharmacity’s achievements today come from the passion and commitment of all members in our organization. Therefore, I would like to share this award with my team – a team of great individuals who always accompany, live and work hard with the core values of the company. As a leader, I believe that Pharmacity’s employees when provided to work in an environment where they are motivated and given the confidence to perform their abilities and express their personalities, will create great experiences and breakthrough results, not only for each member in particular, but will also contribute greatly to the growth of Pharmacity as an organization-Mr. CHRISTOPHER RANDY STROUD-Founder cum CEO Pharmacity


“It is a great honour to be awarded as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia™ 2019” in Vietnam, where we have our Asian hub and factory facilities. We implemented in 2017 our Spotless Reputation strategy, within which ‘Paying Attention to Individuals’ is one of the key values. Along with it, we focus on people development as we know and as always said “people make things happen”. The most relevant part of my job is to unlock people’s potential, make them achieve their limits, make them grow from both professional and personal point of view. Piaggio is a very good environment with a lot of talented people who have left a mark in my heart.” – Gianluca Fiume – Executive Vice President of PIAGGIO Asia Pacific cum Chairman & General Director of PIAGGIO Vietnam


“Shinhan Bank always takes the goal of building a strong human resources as a guideline in our comprehensive development strategy during 26 years of operation and development in Vietnam. The HR Asia 2019 award recognizes Shinhan’s great efforts in creating an ideal, creative and professional working environment. This is also a motivation for us to go on with our noble mission in developing high quality personnel in the future”- Mr. Shin Dong Min, CEO of Shinhan Bank in Vietnam.” – Mr. Shin Dong Min – CEO of Shinhan Bank in Vietnam


“Since its establishment and throughout its development, Sun Group has always considered human values as the most important factor in deciding whether we endorse sustainable development or not. With a philosophy that good seeds only germinate and grow well under optimal conditions, Sun Group offers career development opportunities with possibilities for promotion and ultimately by creating an environment where people can thrive. Also, investing in employee health and wellbeing is an excellent way to promote our workplace wellness culture. Sun Group’s employees need to constantly be challenged and upskilled to keep pace with the world. We work together to contribute to a better future, and spread the spirit of “The happiness of Sun Group people is a journey of contribution, not a destination.” – Ms. Tran Thi My Hanh – Deputy CEO

  1. TIKI:

“We believe in fostering a culture of happiness across our organization because happy employees build happy products and services which ultimately leads to happy customers. An award like this is especially encouraging to us at Tiki because it is a recognition that the work we are putting in to build a happy culture is working!” – Ms. Sakshi Jawa – Chief People Officer


At VTI, we wanted to create a company that would be based on entrepreneurship, ownership, resilience, dedication, and excellence to last for generations to come. As our founder did say that “One day I will write a book about our success and each of you can decide the chapter you want me to write about yourself. The legacy you are creating with VTI is your legacy, it is a lifetime opportunity to leave something forever” It is with our strong desire to empower our employee experiences, to build a world class organization that we embrace the founder’s value system of CARE, TRUST, EXCELLENCE, and INNOVATION. We are operating everyday with an ambition to create a comprehensive and complete total reward system for the entire organization is offered. The system designed for ALL grades, ALL employees of the firm to ensure we keep improving the lives of our employees and their families. Le Minh Hoang – Group Human Resources Director


“We are beyond thrilled to receive this “HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019 (Vietnam Edition)” award. Our company’s greatest asset is our employees, and thus, we take great pride in creating a work environment and culture that fosters success, both personally and professionally. Vietjet’s success depends on the individual and team performance of all employees and this award is especially exciting as employee survey form part of the evaluation. As such, we will continue our commitment investing in employee well-being and engagement in order to ensure our further success.” – Mr. Luu Duc Khanh – Managing Director

  1. VPBANK:

“I am delighted and honoured to know that VPBank won the Award “Best Companies to Work for” in Asia by HR Asia. This recognized VPBank’s efforts to build a happy workplace and an ideal destination for talents in Vietnam’s banking industry. Here will inspire all our staff and BOD to keep striving for the value “People Development” to successfully implement “Quality Growth” strategy.” – Mr. Nguyen Duc Vinh – VPBANK’S CEO


Nobody Is Perfect But a Team Can Be. This mantra perfectly embodies what we at PUMA are all about. Individually, we are talented, but as a collective, we are capable of greatness! At PUMA we firmly believe that how we work is equally important as the work we do. To be able to achieve this balance, we strive each and every day to provide an environment where our Team can truly be themselves and shine. Because when you love what you do, it’s impossible not to do your best.” Ethan Pitcher-Head of Human Resources – PUMA Group Sourcing


“For Zuellig Pharma, I believe our appeal is not about salary or benefits per se; instead, it is a place where we do our best to help our people feel enabled, energized and engaged. Zuellig Pharma is also a place that provides a meaningful purpose to the work that each of us does, where we can really see ourselves contributing to society through our Mission, “Making Healthcare More Accessible”. It is these elements that collectively help make Zuellig Pharma the Best Place to Work.” – Cao Thi Van – HR Director.

List of Winners of HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019 in Vietnam

1 Aeon Vietnam
2 Amway Vietnam
3 Apollo Education and Training Organization Vietnam
4 Asia Commercial Bank
5 Avery Dennison
6 Bao Viet Life Corporation
7 Baxter Healthcare Vietnam
8 BIDV MetLife Life Insurance
9 BIM Group
10 Bình Minh Plastic
11 Deloitte Vietnam
12 Domesco
13 Duy Anh Fashion and Cosmetics Company Limited
14 H&M
15 HDBank
16 HEINEKEN Vietnam
17 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Vietnam
18 Imex Pan Pacific
19 Intel Products Vietnam
20 Jardine Schindler
21 Jetstar Pacific Airlines
22 L’Oréal Vietnam
23 Lazada ELogistics Vietnam
24 Lazada Vietnam
25 Manulife
26 Mekong Capital
27 Nestle Waters Vietnam
28 Novaland Group
29 Olam
30 The PAN Group
31 Pharmacity
32 Piaggio Việt Nam
33 Prudential Vietnam
34 Robert Walters
35 Saigon – Hanoi Commercial Bank
36 Sasco
37 Shinhan Bank
38 Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam)
39 Sun Group
40 Tan Hiep Phat Group
42 Traveloka Vietnam
43 Unilever Vietnam International
44 URC Vietnam
45 Viet Thai International
46 Vietjet Air
47 VNG Corporation
48 VPBank
49 Wipro Consumer Care Vietnam
50 World Cat Vietnam (Puma)
51 Zuellig Pharma